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Cyber bullying is becoming rampant in Singapore

Cyber bullying is becoming rampant in Singapore with many students intimidating their peers.

ONE in four secondary school students have admitted that they bully their peers online, while one in three said they were victims of cyber bullying in the last one year.

These ranged from spreading rumours or vicious remarks about a person on social networks, to “defacing” a person’s picture and then circulating it online.

One in five primary school children, also reported being “cyber bullied”.

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Malaysian bullying video went viral

malaysian driver

A woman driver who turned road bully after a minor accident found herself becoming the victim of some vicious cyber bullying when her details were uploaded online. During the accident, Siti Fairrah Ashykin, also known as Kiki, screamed abuses and repeatedly hit the vehicle of the other driver with her steering lock, and demanded that he pay her RM2,000 (S$779) for the purported damage he had caused to her brand-new car. The furious ranting was allegedly over a minor dent – more like a scratch – on the rear of her white Peugeot that was allegedly caused by the elderly driver while attempting to leave a crowded car park.

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The Criminalization of Cyberbullying

I have written quite a bit over the years on the question of whether it is necessary to enact new criminal statutes to combat cyberbullying. Be it a proposal for an amended state statute or a new city ordinance, it seems popular these days for politicians to publicly proclaim the scourge of cyberbullying by offering legislation to make it a crime. Few stand on the side of cyberbullies on Election Day, so it is probably a safe platform. But is it the right approach? The latest incident to thrust this issue into the public light is a Read More

6 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste This Summer

Summer is often marked by the scents of sunscreen, warm earth, wildflowers, salty seaside air — and plastic. Walk into any convenience store, drugstore or coastal gas station and you will be greeted by stacks of freshly-minted water wings, flip flops, rows of overpriced bottled water, and beach toys. A garish panoply of neon colors and the acrid aroma of cheap wares.

As a community committed to building a better tomorrow, we should consider two things: Why beaches exist and where those plastic conveniences end up. The answer is one and the same: the ocean. Of course, not everything that we pile into our large beach totes remains on the shore, but the increase in disposable plastic can harm us and our environment.

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JASON BRENNAN, Age Now: 17, Missing: 07/17/2014. Missing From GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP, NJ. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Gloucester Township Police Department (New Jersey) 1-856-228-4500.

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#pso #htcs #b4inc

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Artist Transforms His Childhood Doodles Into Mesmerizing Grown-Up Masterpieces

Even the most imaginative of adult artists can’t compete with some of the effortless and strangely brilliant doodles of a child. Admit it, no matter how many art classes you take, it’s hard to capture the wild imagination and unbridled confidence that come so easily with youth. Most often the doodles of magical creatures, wild beasts and illogical shapes that filled many a child notebook are sadly lost to time or buried in the murky depths of your parents garage.

For Telmo Pieper, however, things unfolded a bit differently.


The Rotterdam-based artist discovered a box of his childhood drawings hidden in storage, and decided to see what would happen if the doodles, like Pieper himself, had the opportunity to grow up.

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Cyberbullying Workshop

A free workshop on bullying and cyberbullying will be held Friday, July 25 in Quincy.

The daylong workshop, “Bullying & Cyberbullying: Together We Can Make a Difference,” features Tina Meier from Dardenne Prairie, Mo., whose daughter took her own life in October 2006 due, in part, to cyberbullying.

The workshop, cosponsored by Blessing Hospital, the Blessing Behavioral Center and the Mental Health Authority of West Central Illinois, will be held from 8:

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