11 Rooms That Prove That The Best Ceilings Are Painted Ceilings (PHOTOS)

In addition to brushes, rollers, tape and the like, most trips to the paint store end with enough pigment to prime and cover at least four walls (sometimes with an extra coat). But that doesn’t leave room for the critical part of the space you’re probably forgetting to paint, now does it? No, we’re not talking about floors — this time we’re talking about the ceilings.

Overlooked by most painters and interior designers (with the obvious exception of Michelangelo, of course), the ceiling should be considered a fifth wall in itself — a blank canvas that can be filled with an accent color or design, a continuation of the colors of the wall for a more modern, saturated effect or a carefully selected effect that makes the room look bigger.

So instead of heading all the way to the Sistine Chapel to remind yourself of the incredible impact a decorated ceiling, check out the rooms below that will change your mind about the entire idea for the better.

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