Chevelle – Choking Game (Guitar Cover)

Tab: Cover of “Choking Game” by Chevelle off of their album, La Gargola. Enjoy, like, an…


15 thoughts on “Chevelle – Choking Game (Guitar Cover)

  1. MysticGuitar77

    UPDATE All of my Chevelle covers have now been unblocked on YouTube. “Ouija
    Board”, “The Damned”, “Under The Knife”, and “Choking Game” are all back
    up. It seems the company that blocked them simply didn’t want the songs up
    on YouTube before the album officially came out, so since La Gargola was
    released today, all the claims have been lifted. Thanks for all the support
    on these Chevelle covers, I really appreciate it!! And tabs are coming
    soon!! m/m/

  2. Brennan Hales

    wouldnt the ending be 8 8 3 3 10 10 3 3 8 7 0, i tried you tab (which was
    great) but i think that the ending part is off.

  3. Matthew Jones

    You nailed it!! This is my fav track off the album right now. Sure to
    change the more I listen. Seen these guys in Indy 3 times. They do not

  4. AshleyMenard122

    your covers are the best especially paired with the tabs you provide!! i’m
    trying to learn the whole la gargola album and was wondering if you plan on
    cover/tabing Take out the Gunman?