23 thoughts on “LEGO Marvel Superheroes – Stranger Danger (Doctor Strange and Dormammu Unlock Locations)

  1. Arne Verschaeren

    I’m just a little bit disappointed about the characters. I can’t believe
    they did put HERBIE and damage control in the game, but they didn’t add
    Rogue, Nightcrawler, Scarlet Witch, Firestar, Quicksilver…..
    Ok, i understand about rogue and nightcrawler (because it is hard to give
    them powers), but Quicksilver (–> Flash ?) and scarlet Witch….
    And most of all, FIRESTAR , never heard of SPIDERMAN AND HIS AMAZING
    FRIENDS! :(

  2. TheIntellegentGamer

    Completely unrelated but it also pisses me off that I hear emma frost has
    NO psychic powers at all…not even mind control! But she has a cameo in
    the x-men level where she is seen mind controlling a goon in the background!

  3. ShockblastMedia

    I need to get all the Deadpool bricks to get him and that requires me to
    get all 200 Yellow Bricks, which I am working on. I’m at 162 right now.
    Gonna be a little bit but I am def doing him.

  4. TheIntellegentGamer

    Yeah, me too ibott2010! I wish they could have made them more blue.
    Psylocke’s powers seem to be more purple so they could have changed sues