25 thoughts on “NBC Dateline ‘My Kid Would Never Do That: Stranger Danger’ – Part 3/6

  1. MooMooCow95

    Erika would have resisted if the two other girls didn’t give in so
    quickly. Likewise, those two younger girls with Paige would have probably
    given in if Paige wasn’t there to stop the guy.

  2. MrTriplesicx

    to all you fucking faggots thinking of doing this type of shit i will
    murder you i dont give a fuck what happens to me as long as your dead

  3. naughtyauntieemma

    but, in my opinion, the thing is that you cant always be around your kids
    just in time to protect them from anything. I meaan, it s awesome if you
    can but sometimes sht hit the fence and they ll have to face certain really
    weird situations on their own. Afterall they gotta learn somehow how to be
    prepared for this fked up world.

  4. andell1

    As soon as one kid gives out their details, it’s like the other kids think
    “oh well, it must be okay.” I think it would’ve been interesting (and maybe
    they do this in the upcoming parts) to have a woman asking for the details.
    After all, women can be pedophiles as well…but in Western society, we are
    simply not conditioned to be suspicious of women.

  5. MomCat2314

    I’m sorry but that last scenario with the ice cream truck, I would
    absolutely not have left those young girls out there alone in the first
    place. A good way to avoid stranger danger in my opinion, is to stay close
    to your child.