Santa Fe women says man exposed himself to her

SANTA FE, N.M. – While police work to find the man who has reportedly been involved in a series of groping incidents or cases of indecent exposure since last summer in Santa Fe, more sightings continue to be reported and other people are exhibiting public indecency.

The latest occurred Friday afternoon across the street from an elementary school on Acequia Madre, where a woman said she witnessed a man exposing himself.

She said she was walking her dog near San Pasquale when a man in the distance caught her attention. She isn’t completely sure what she saw, but it was enough to make her go back and do a double take.

“I was walking across the street and I saw a man who I thought might be urinating and then it occurred to me that he was exposing himself,” said the woman, who spoke to KOB on the condition of anonymity. “After I passed I saw there was a woman across the street on the phone in her car, so before I contacted her to ask for help I came back to make sure, and the man began to masturbate.”

She said the man eventually got into a car and left the area, his license plate not visible.

Santa Fe police confirmed to KOB on Sunday that they don’t believe the man is connected to the string of sexual crimes involving various women throughout the South Capitol area. They say what this man did doesn’t fit the pattern.

They say the so-called “South Capitol Creep” typically operates between 9:00 p.m. and midnight, and usually appears intoxicated.

They added the suspect outside the elementary school’s description also doesn’t quite match up to the man they are searching for.


While police work to figure out if the man this woman noticed was the so-called “South Capitol Creep” they’ve been working to nab for a year, officials said the increased awareness is helping to get other alleged perverts behind bars.

Police say they’ve been able to arrest 38-year-old Matthew Herrera, who allegedly exposed himself to two teenage girls during a carnival at Santa Fe Place Mall.

They’ve also been able to arrest 34-year-old Eric Roybal after they say he was stalking a couple of other teenage girls at an apartment complex.

Both of those suspects have since been released on bond.