Say NO to Strangers (1981) Part 1

The first part of ‘Say No to Strangers’, a 1981 British Government film about the dangers of strangers. It was intended to be shown in schools and is for chi…


25 thoughts on “Say NO to Strangers (1981) Part 1

  1. doobiesmoke15

    Little Johny is walking home one day when a man in a large car pulls up
    alongside him. “hello Little boy” he whispers.. “if I give you a sweet will
    you come in my car” Johny smiles and says “Give me the whole packet and
    I’ll come in your mouth”

  2. JillC2

    Creepy, but not as bad as what we were shown in the US. There was an old
    film that’s still around called “The Child Molester” that was made by the
    same people that made the gory drivers’ ed films.

  3. chubbylilloser85

    “things ive learnt from watching this 1: Stan from Dinner ladies is a peado
    2: Stan owns a tabby with white paws…or does he? 3: Susie should mind her
    own business. 4: Teresa Just got some 😉

  4. Unknownzification

    Ah no you don’t know your teacher…for all you know they could rape you or
    something like that :L

  5. ephemeralfilm

    @MichaelHansenFUN This film was broadcast on TSW (local ITV company) and
    recorded to Betamax. The tape was then copied to VHS and the Beta tape was
    junked. Sorry about the quality!

  6. driver64

    True, there is a gap between “danger apperception” and real dimensions of
    the danger itself because the “common sense” don’t means “knowledge”. All
    private owned media, governments or lobbies create & make skillful use of
    the bias in order to build up & maintain his own power.

  7. Ian Coulson

    I was about to say the first bit was very reminiscent of an episode of The
    Sweeney. Then I realised it was.