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Fight scenes are often used as vehicles to drive the plot in most anime universes. They also serve as among their series’ most compelling moments, with legendary battles regularly starting and concluding any given arc.

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However, some skirmishes never should have happened for how ill-conceived they were. Whether serving no point to the narrative as a whole or simply being incoherent, they have only cheapened the story and compromised the fans’ suspension of disbelief. Through analyzing examples, we have a more cohesive understanding of which confrontations never should have occurred at all.

10 Zoro Versus Luffy Was A Clumsy Misunderstanding With No Consequences (One Piece)

Zoro and Luffy fought at the beginning of the Alabasta arc over a misunderstanding. The swordsman had correctly identified that his hosts were murderous bandits and fought ardently to protect his friends. Having only woken up recently, Luffy viewed this as a one-sided assault, resulting in the two coming to blows.

This was profoundly odd considering that the captain would not hear Zoro’s reasoning, trusting random strangers over a close friend. Moreover, the battle itself had no consequences and would not impede the group’s success against vastly unprepared Baroque Works agents.

9 Chrollo Versus The Zoldycks Was Entertaining But Hollow (Hunter X Hunter)

Under the commission of the Yorknew crime families, Zeno and Silva Zoldyck attacked Chrollo Lucilfer with the intention of killing him. This led to one of the most entertaining battles of the series, with both parties wielding staggering power.

However, just as the Zoldycks were gaining the upper hand, the hit placed on the Phantom Troupe leader’s life was called off. With no further reason to finish the battle, the assassins left, resulting in an ultimately hollow and meaningless encounter.

8 Shino Had No Reason To Pursue Kankuro (Naruto)

Shino was a powerful member of the Konoha 11 and a genin with better instincts than most. After the Sand’s betrayal and subsequent attack on the Leaf, he pursued Kankuro through the forest, insistent on having the match that was intended for the Chunin Exam.

This was uncharacteristic of him since it portrayed hubris and sentimentality foreign to his character. Further, Kankuro wasn’t actively attacking Konoha’s shinobi, so his actions could not have been perceived as a defensive countermeasure. Ultimately, the fight would leave both combatants drained, with neither party having anything to show for it.

7 Light Versus L Didn’t Fit The Theme Of The Anime (Death Note)

At his wit’s end, L decided to have Light cuffed to his arm so that he would not leave his sight. Initially, Yagami was receptive to this idea since it would prove his innocence, though their proximity to one another ultimately had him lash out against the detective.

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This was an extremely unusual occurrence for an anime that placed intellect over flashy violence and wasn’t consistent with the nature of either character. Though memorable, it was a clunky and out-of-place scene that had no grand narrative purpose.

6 Shigaraki’s Fight With Overhaul Made Both Leaders Look Incompetent (My Hero Academia)

Kai Chisaki approached Shigaraki under the pretense of uniting their forces. When he suggested that the League bow to the Yakuza, the two inevitably came to blows, demonstrating Tomura’s recklessness and inability to think critically.

Though Twice and Toga would be volunteered to work under Overhaul after the violent exchange, they were ultimately inconsequential to the success (or failure) of Chisaki’s criminals during the raid on their hideout. The only meaningful product of their battle was when Tomura collected Overhaul’s hands as he was being escorted to prison.

5 Caesar’s Battle Against Joseph Was Petty (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

When Caesar was introduced, he cursed Joseph’s name for the actions of their grandfathers. This resulted in a bizarre and awkward fight between the Hamon users, one which included such odd themes as brainwashed women and being forced to swallow doves.

Though it established tension between the men well, their conflict would almost immediately be resolved during Lisa Lisa’s oil tower trial. Caesar’s attack felt more like an obligatory JoJo trope than a sincere plot point, as the main protagonist often fights their soon-to-be friend at the start of any given act.

4 Jiraiya Could Have Avoided Getting Murdered By Pain (Naruto)

Pain Vs Jiraiya

Though Jiraiya’s defeat by his former student was among Shippuden‘s most powerful and moving moments, it was not entirely well written. He could have easily brought any number of shinobi to join in his investigations, guaranteeing his safety and success.

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Considering how well he fared against Nagato by himself, it’s entirely probable that he could have overcome the Akatsuki leader outright if Tsunade assisted him. After he told her of his intentions, the Fifth Hokage was more than willing to do so.

3 Nothing Came Out Of Ban’s Fight Against Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins)

Ban was promised that Elaine would be revived if he slew Meliodas. During the attack on Liones, he betrayed the Captain and prompted a brutal, heart-wrenching fight between them.

However, the Fox Sin would relent at the Captain’s request and did not display any interest in following up with the deal the mysterious voice proposed to him after Hendrickson’s defeat. Though he and Meliodas would fight again before a crowd of fascinated onlookers, it was only a battle for sport with nothing at stake.

2 Spike’s Fight Against Ed’s Dad Was A Misunderstanding (Cowboy Bebop)

Appledelhi was a robust cartographer with a large bounty on his head. This motivated Spike to land at his location with full intentions of collecting on him. Unfortunately for all parties involved, the sum promised was only a ruse by Ed in order to reunite her with her father.

If this was specified at the beginning of the reunion, Spiegel would have spared himself a humiliating defeat against his large and immovable opponent.

1 Inosuke Enjoyed Fighting Tanjiro For Its Own Novelty (Demon Slayer)

Zenitsu was diligent in protecting Nezuko from Inosuke but unwilling to fight back against him. The boar-headed demon slayer was intent on uncovering exactly what was in the box he was protecting.

Tanjiro soon intervened, resulting in a brutal and intense fistfight. After the dust had settled, it was revealed that Inosuke wasn’t terribly interested in Nezuko’s demonic influence and was simply itching to battle someone. While it depicted the youth’s insatiable spirit well, it was a fight to humor fans rather than to fulfill the plot.

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