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My Hero Academia might focus mostly on Izuku Midoriya’s hero journey, but the supporting cast has had some pretty good fights too.

Some popular anime series quickly see their success fizzle out and audiences move onto the next engaging hit, but My Hero Academia is arguably stronger than ever as it heads into the fifth season of the anime series. Over the course of the series, there have been some exceptional fights, both between seasoned professionals as well as the next generation of heroes.

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Izuku Midoriya remains the focus in My Hero Academia, but the anime’s cast is so expansive that there are dozens of supporting characters who often don’t get their due. My Hero Academia’s fifth season works hard to rectify this, but there are still some fantastic battles where the supporting characters step forward and show off what they can do when given the opportunity.

10 All Might’s Nomu Battle Proves Why He Was The Number One Pro Hero

All MIght vs Nomu at UA in season 1.

My Hero Academia introduces the next breed of heroes, but when the anime begins there’s already a rich world with a storied history regarding the previous heroes that have kept the public safe. Accordingly, many budding heroes, especially Midoriya, idolize All Might. However, his climactic fight during the USJ Incident against the League of Villains’ renegade Nomu is arguably the moment where it becomes completely clear why All Might is such a revered hero. Nomu are still a constant problem, but this iconic fight in the anime’s first season helps set the tone for what’s to come.

9 Shoto Versus Tenya Puts Both Of Their Egos To The Test

Anime My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki Freezes Tenya Iida

My Hero Academia finds an effective rhythm where seasons fluctuate between training and tournament arcs with more dangerous infiltrations of enemy territory. Season two is heavily focused on U.A. High’s Sports Festival, which is an excellent showcase for supporting characters. A suspenseful match between Shoto Todoroki and Tenya Iida follows and initially Tenya’s speed gives him the advantage over Shoto. Shoto cleverly freezes the exhaust pipes on Tenya’s legs to slow down his opponent. Shoto is still able to win this battle even though he refuses to use the fire abilities of his Quirk.

8 Kirishima Finds His Voice When He & Fat Gum Take On Rappa & Tengai

Eijiro Kirishima has always been a formidable Class 1-A student, but there are just so many important characters that he often gets shelved. Work-study programs and internships become a great opportunity for lesser heroes to find their callings. Kirishima comes into his own and experiences crucial development after he aligns with Fat Gum’s agency and the two take on the Shie Hassaikai’s Rappa and Tengai.

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This fight becomes the catalyst for Kirishima’s evolution into the Unbreakable Red Riot, and it’s proof that he’s a hero who can make just as big of an impact as Midoriya or Bakugo.

7 Hatsume Turns Her Sports Festival Battle With Iida Into Glorified Self-Promotion

Technically the Sports Festival encounter between Mei Hatsume and Tenya Iida isn’t much of a battle, but it’s such a smart strategy by Hatsume that leaves Iida utterly humiliated that it deserves attention. Heroes gravitate towards many different streams and Hatsume’s calling is support equipment. She tricks Iida to wear speed-enhancing leg embraces, which are then used to gain control of him. Hatsume uses this fight as an excuse to show off how effective her equipment is and then promptly disqualifies herself after she gets her point across. Hatsume technically loses, but there couldn’t be a better advertisement for her skills.

6 Ibara Shiozaki Makes Swift Work Of Kaminari In U.A. High’s Sports Festival

My Hero Academia’s Sports Festival introduces a number of exciting new characters from U.A. High’s Class 1-B, many of which now have new life with their increased significance in the anime’s current fifth season. Ibara Shiozaki, like most of Class 1-B, is an elusive fighter with a Quirk that allows her to turn her hair into strong and sentient vines. Denki Kaminari and his electric-based Quirk are cocky about victory, but Shiozaki’s vines don’t just block Kaminari’s Quirk, but they leave him stupefied and defenseless against Shiozaki’s calculated maneuver.

5 Endeavor & Hawks Establish The New Pro Hero Status Quo With Their Nomu Beatdown

My Hero Academia has now been running for long enough that the anime has started to show the changing tides as some heroes retire from the spotlight and others get to step up to the plate.

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The end of season four and beginning of season five looks at Endeavor’s rocky transition as the public’s new Number One Pro Hero. Hawks joins as Endeavor’s biggest fan and the two make a strong name for themselves when they publicly wage war against a High-End Nomu. It’s a thrilling battle that’s exactly what the public needs to accept this new heroic status quo.

4 Kirishima & Tetsutetsu Battle For Supremacy Over Their Comparable Quirks

My Hero Academia provides a very eclectic group of heroes and villains with diverse abilities, but sometimes the most satisfying battles in the anime are when two opposites attract. The Sports Festival pits Eijiro Kirishima against Class 1-B’s Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu and the two could practically be doppelgangers of one another. Kirishima and Tetsutetsu both have fiery and impulsive personalities that lead to heated debates, but their Quirks both showcase radical forms of hardening that put them at a frequent impasse. The outcome is an incredibly even match that results in bright futures for both characters.

3 Yaoyorozu & Tokoyami’s Unique Quirks Lead To An Unpredictable Battle

Anime My Hero Academia Fumikage Dark Shadow Versus Momo

It’s often that the characters in My Hero Academia with the more avant-garde Quirks can get less attention because they’re hardly to properly integrate into battle or they’re just too powerful. This is the case for both Fumikage Tokoyami and Momo Yaoyorozu. Dark Shadow and Creation are two very versatile Quirks that overwhelm most people that they go up against. Momo’s Creation abilities give her a constant supply of shields and defense mechanisms to protect against Dark Shadow, but her focus on defense causes her to neglect her spatial awareness and suffer an out-of-bounds disqualification.

2 Aizawa Forces A Strong Union To Form Between Shoto & Momo

My Hero Academia Anime Todoroki Momo Strategy

U.A. High’s Final Exams test the prospective hero students with some highly challenging two-on-one encounters where students must face off with the faculty. For some individuals, it’s an opportunity for their best work as heroes. Shoto Todoroki and Momo Yaoyorozu must figure out how to defeat Shota Aizawa and it turns into a great example of improvised teamwork and the importance of a good strategy. Momo and Shoto listen to each other, aren’t afraid to mix up their game plan, and their actions complement each other’s abilities so that they can be their best selves.

1 Mirio Togata’s Showdown With Overhaul Is A Fight For Eri’s Future

My Hero Academia never stops focusing on Midoriya, but season four becomes a fascinating showcase for Mirio Togata, otherwise known as Lemillion. Lemillion becomes even more invested in Eri’s safety than Midoriya does and he’s truly enraged by Kai Chisaki’s constant neglect toward the young girl. Mirio’s best and biggest moment is when he holds his own against Overhaul while he continues to grow in power. Mirio isn’t the one who finishes off Overhaul, but his contribution is essential for Eri’s survival and is proof that Mirio is the real deal.

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