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A spiritual successor to the mid-70s original sitcom, here are 10 great pieces of parenting advice from the CBS series One Day At A Time.

One Day At A Time is a beloved sitcom that revolves around a Cuban-American family. Penelope, Lydia, Elena, and Alex form the small family unit that makes up the premise of the show. With other equally important side characters and side plots, the family dynamics still remain at the center of the sitcom.

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Although the show’s creators recently tweeted that the show has wrapped up midway through its fourth season, in just the 46 episodes of the show, the viewers have many parenting lessons to take away. We see a very distinctive parenting style in Penelope and Lydia, and the show’s creators have successfully presented some vital parenting tips from these two in a humorous and wholesome way.

10 Don’t Force Your Ideas On Your Kids

Lydia once tries to impose her choices on Elena and convinces her that others will take her initiatives seriously if she looks presentable. However, Elena didn’t like the extra attention she received from her peers at school. She said it made her uncomfortable, which Lydia didn’t understand at first. However, Lydia later met Elena without makeup, the first time someone sees her that way, as a peace-offering to show that she respects her granddaughter’s choice.

9 Listen To Your Kids

Elena coming out to Penelope is one of the most heartwarming moments in the show. Penelope, although shocked by the news, doesn’t throw a ton of questions Elena’s way and instead lets Elena pour out her thoughts. She reassured Elena that she is okay with it and how important it is to her that Elena stays happy. Penelope shows the viewers how important it is to be an understanding parent in whom your kids feel comfortable confiding.

8 Sometimes You Need To Let Your Kids Help Themselves

Penelope and Lydia sharing coffee

Sometimes, even Mothers need to be parented. In the episode where Penelope decided to stop going to the therapy sessions and taking her medicine, Lydia goes to church for consolation. She understands that she can’t know and fix everything for her daughter, but she could be there for Penelope while she fixes herself.

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Lydia went back home and asked Penelope to do what she needs to fix herself, and Lydia’s support helped Penelope a great deal.

7 Allow Them To Figure Out What They Have Faith In

Lydia and Penelope had a heated argument about going to Church on Sunday. While Penelope wanted to go hiking, Lydia put her foot down and told her they’re not skipping church. Penelope responded that she doesn’t believe in God and is not supportive of her house looking like “Jesus’ Pinterest page,” leading to a fight. However, they made up later at home when Penelope and Lydia discussed what they have faith in and decided that they won’t push one another or the kids to have faith in something they don’t like.

6 Educate Them On Social Issues And Support Their Actions

The show discusses many social issues like racism, homophobia, gentrification, drug abuse, and much more. The viewers of the show have appreciated Elena’s stance on these various issues and how Penelope supports her at every stage. In the fifth episode of the first season, Elena tries to help her friend Carmen, who was troubled by immigration issues. Penelope was proud of Elena’s action, was supportive, and helped Carmen go to Texas.

5 Find The Right Work-Life Balance To Pursue Your Own Dreams

one day at a time penelope

The second season of the show talks about how Penelope juggles college, work, and family. She complains to Lydia how driving Elena to protests, taking Alex to cello classes, and going to work is proving too much for her.

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However, once her family gets behind her, she balances it all and gives a happy ending to the sitcom’s third season by graduating from nursing school. Penelope thereby shows the viewers how parenting shouldn’t come in the way of one’s dreams.

4 Give Your Kids Fiscal Advice

elena, penelope, one day at a time

Penelope, throughout the show, stresses the importance of Alex and Elena learning important life lessons like saving money. She is always cautious about spending money. Viewers can see her pushing Alex and Elena to do part-time work during vacations. She took him for a part-time job at Leslie’s clinic and made Elena work for Schneider. She was very proud when Elena made a system for saving money in a spreadsheet on her laptop.

3 Say The Things That Don’t Go Without Saying

Alex, Elena and Penelope

In the eighth episode of the third season, Penelope finds Lydia’s checklist and realized that her mom had a point in it to “fix her.” Penelope was disappointed, as she felt that her mother didn’t consider her to be good enough, and this led to a verbal fight.

They later made up when Lydia said that Penelope is the most perfect person ever, but she thought it went without saying. Penelope corrected this and said things have to be said and displayed, instead. Penelope further went to Elena and told her how perfect a daughter she is and how much Penelope is in awe of what she has become.

2 Have The Difficult Conversations

Penelope had multiple encounters with her children that involved awkward and difficult conversations, like when Alex caught her at an inopportune moment, or the time she found inappropriate content in his laptop.

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Although she struggled to talk about these instances, Penelope showed fans how a parent can deal with such scenarios and why it is essential to have these discussions in the family.

1 Support Them, Especially When They Need It

The beloved sitcom has shown its viewers that you don’t have to be great at something if you love doing that thing. In episode four of the show’s final season, Alex showed an interest in fashion design, which he quit soon because he felt that he wasn’t skilled enough. We can see Penelope motivating Alex in the latter part of the episode, telling him that “it’s okay to be bad at some things; you get better at it only gradually, so give it the needed time.”

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