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One of the best parts of social media is following people that inspire and make others laugh. These online content creators find a way to intrigue audiences while also being original and independent of others. One of the biggest black holes an Instagram user can find themselves in is watching a sea of Reels from creators who go back in time and recreate the 2000s.

Because 2000s kids are adults now, they can’t help but reminisce about the good ole days through recreated videos showing off the style, music, and basic way of life that kids today would never understand.


Isabel Galvin (@IsabelGalv)

With over 124,000 followers, Isabel Galvin’s Instagram is both a place where she shows off her sense of style and her incredible sense of humor. With a focus on the early 2000s, Isabel shows followers what it was like for a teenage girl in school and at home during this time.

She touches on the best sitcoms from the 2000s that everyone forgot about, makeup brands that aren’t as popular anymore, and hilarious videos of a teenage girl’s interactions with her caring mother in the 2000s. Isabel is a must-follow for her witty Reels.

Kate Steinberg (@ItsKateSteinberg)

Kate Steinberg may have risen to fame after being on season 1 of HBO Maxx’s 12 Dates of Christmas, but she quickly found her niche by unlocking memories from the ’90s and 2000s through Instagram Reels.

With over 400,000 followers, Kate’s count is climbing as she shows off a mix of her everyday life with her fiancé from12 Dates of Christmas, Chad Savage, and hilarious videos from yesteryear. Whether it’s reminiscing about the best teen shows of the 2000s, what first dates at a movie theatre were like, or going shopping with an overbearing mom to Libby Lu in 2004, Kate’s Instagram is hilarious.

Melissa Kristin (@MelissaKristinTV)

Melissa Kristin is a self-described ’90s kid who loves showing off what life was like for kids and teens in the ’90s and 2000s era. Her Instagram bio says it best, “Here to unlock your memories and mirror your experiences.”

Kristin loves recreating unforgettable teen romance movies from the 2000s, fashion choices that made all the sense in the world back then but no sense now, and what life was like for a Millennial in the early 2000s. Kristin also creates and plays different characters, making every Reel more addicting and entertaining to watch.

Kyle Hamm-Martin (@MillenialKyle)

Known as “Milenial Kyle,” Kyle Hamm-Martin’s Instagram is a “90s/2000s Time Machine.” He even has a Spotify playlist that showcases all the throwback tunes he plays in his Instagram Reels. And while his Instagram isn’t solely dedicated to the early 2000s, those videos are some of the more viral.

His Reels on the early 2000s hit That’s So Raven, picture day at local high schools, and what field trips were like for kids back then are hilarious and have amazing music from the time With 175,000+ followers, Kyle’s videos only get better with time.

Alina Bock (@AlinaBock)

Alina Bock is one of the more well-known Instagram accounts for her Reels on what life was like growing up in the 2000s and ’90s. With almost 500,000 followers on Instagram, Alina has made a name for herself transporting back in time. Just as there are feel-good ’90s and 2000s movies, Alina has Reels that hit the same nostalgic need.

In the ’90s and 2000s, life for a teenager wasn’t as public as it is today. There were no live forums or apps — the closest thing 2000s kids had to Facebook (before Facebook came out) was MySpace, which wasn’t until 2003. Even then, Alina shows followers what teens did before the electronics era and how fun (and slightly embarrassing) it was.

Erin Miller (@OverTheMoonFarAway)

Erin Miller is another 2000s titan on Instagram who has made a career out of laughing about what life was like for 2000s kids. With over 430,000+ followers on Instagram, she’s one of the more popular nostalgic accounts. She also collaborates with other like-minded Instagram accounts for even more 2000s content.

Some of her more viral Reels are when she shows followers what kids of teens wore back in the early 2000s. What sells the videos are her props. From her flip phones to her multiple Abercrombie & Fitch tank tops to her scrunched hair, Erin’s Reels are a production. She also loves sharing nostolgic movies from the 2000s that most followers haven’t thought about in years.

Jenna Barclay Testa (@JennaBarclay)

Jenna Barclay Testa does it all on Instagram. Not only does she show off hilarious moments from the 2000s, but she also shares her personal style, podcast, book recommendations, and the like. However, her real claim to fame on Instagram is because of her throwback videos.

Just like Lizzie McGuire’s outfits from the 2000s, Jenna dresses the part with accessories, hairstyles, and deep orange tans à la the 2000s. Even funnier, she finds old technology of hers from the 2000s, photos, and VHS tapes that bring back a flood of memories for Instagram followers who also grew up in that era. Jenna is a must-follow for Instagram users who want to laugh and smile about their time in the 2000s.

Carlos (@TheNostolgicLatino)

Known as “Call Me Carlos,” he has almost 150,000 Instagram followers that love following his take on life in the ’90s and 2000s. Some of his funnier videos are of the commercials and infomercials that were on TV consistently that haven’t been thought of in 20 years.

He also shares how hard it was for kids to download music back in the early 2000s, the toys that were all the rage, and how hard it was being a student at a new school and not knowing where to go. The flood of childhood and teenage emotions is strong on Carlos’ Instagram page. More than that, he’s a relatable figure who also shares parts of his personal life, like his dog Ringo!

Michaila Cothran (@MichailaCothran)

Known as “Ur fav 2000s babe,” Michaila Cothran has an incredibly witty Instagram account dedicated to her time in the 2000s. She has just over 103,000 followers on Instagram, but the account is growing with the more Reels she releases. Just as there are movies that will make followers nostalgic for Y2K fashion, she does the same thing through Reels.

Her love of early 2000s fashion is shown through her videos, but also her photos. She recreates popular outfits and poses in them today, combining both worlds. From velour jumpsuits in the park to crop tops and low-rise jeans, nostalgic fashionistas would love Michaila’s page.

Janine Christine (@Retr0Avocado)

Janine is more known for her Instagram name, Retr0Avovado. She has almost 60,000 followers and everything from her profile image to her highlights to her grid is dedicated to the ’90s and 2000s. Some of her best posts are the “starter pack” memes she creates or Reels based on 2000s trends that are viewed as ridiculous today.

Her videos make followers nostalgic for both ’90s and 2000s fashion — even her brightly colored makeup that wouldn’t be favorable in 2022! From ballet flats to raunchy lyrics kids listened to unknowingly, @Retr0Avocado is a great follow for 2000s kids.

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