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Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, millennial’s have began to dip their toes into the world of TikTok. Now millennial mothers have started using the app as a way to get some parenting tips. TikTok has become the new form of content consumption for people of all ages, whether you are from the current generation or past. The younger generation has really taken a liking to this app as it gives out quick content on cooking, comedy skits and even parenting advice.

This new platform has allowed parents to spend their down watching something they enjoy, while also learning new parenting tips and tricks. Here are some mom TikTokers you should definitely be following!

10. Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim, who has over 4 million followers, is mostly known for her fashion content, but she is always including her children in some of her videos. Chriselle also posts videos to her YouTube channel. Chriselle recently shared a video of her and her husband pranking her two daughters by giving the gifts children wouldn’t be too happy with.

9. Bonnie Lee

Check out Bonnie’s page if you want to be laughing until you cry.  This mother of three is a hilarious content creator who has a slight obsession with Dunkin Donuts. Bonnie Lee’s videos mostly focus on her family stories with her Latin family members and white husband that fans flock to for their relatability.

8. Kelly Manno

With over 1.2 million followers, Kelly Manno has developed quite the following since she joined the app. Kelly often shares videos relating to the archetypes of moms on social media and even ‘90s throwback dance videos. While she does not give much advice on parenting, her videos to give other mothers an outlet for laughter.

7. Tabitha Brown

If you are looking for something new and healthy to cook for your kids, check out Tabitha Brown’s TikTok page. Tabitha has become a hit on the app thanks to her soothing voice and her constant help with acknowledging and working through any pain in your life. Plus, her recipes are always delicious and she can make a mean dad joke too.

6. Ina Raymundo

Ina is a mommy TikToker from the Philippines who loves to share videos of the latest trendy dance challenges and videos with her five children. She shows mothers how you can still have fun even when you are taking care of a large family. Check out her videos for some fun inspiration on how to keep positive, especially during these trying times.

5. Divine Lee

Divine Lee uses her TikTok to share helpful mom hacks that she uses to homeschool her toddler. Some of her helpful tips include homeschooling a toddler using busy books and incorporating favorite characters in homeschool lessons. Her videos come at a perfect time now that many children are having to learn from home due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

4. Danni Harvey

Danni Harvey is not afraid to show her fans the real side of motherhood. She often shows the real and raw side of motherhood that other moms on TikTok don’t really show. Most of her videos include some of the crazy things toddlers will do or how husbands just don’t understand all the things a mother has to do in a day.

3. Donna Marie

This famous TikTok mom is a mother to two young toddlers, while also working as a flight attendant. She often shares funny voiceover videos, cute ones with her husband (who she calls her best friend) and will even include her kids in some of them. Her TikTok’s are all about showing your fun side and not letting that go when you become a mother.

2. Coach Anne Aniag

One of the top TikTok creators, Coach Anne, helps women, whether they are mothers or not, to stay in shape. Her workouts are easy to follow and take little time to complete, which is perfect for the bust mom. Some of her videos include the belly burn challenge, how to motivate yourself, and tips for sticking to your new year’s resolution.

1. Raising_krazies

Mandy, a 27-year-old mother to three children, shares videos on what it is like to live with her kids especially during the quarantine. Her videos often include funny relatable scenarios such as the joys of being a mother, when moms try to go to the bathroom by themselves, she even shares fun cooking hacks as well. She likes puts a comedic spin on mommy-life and share her mom hacks too.

Check out these moms on TikTok if you are looking for a laugh and for new parenting tips.

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