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Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia does a wonderful job of showing what it’s like to be a modern-day teenager, featuring plenty of realistic teen moments.

One of the reasons why Ginny & Georgia became so popular on Netflix was because of its relatability to teenagehood. Adults and teens alike agreed that Ginny & Georgia covered the complexities of being a modern-day teenager perfectly. As free and open as it is for a variety of teenagers these days, it’s also a time where bullying can follow a person home from school and where finding ourselves can be tricky.

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The drama/comedy showed the ups and downs of being a teenager. It’s a reminder that no matter how pretty or happy a person appears, there can always be something dark looming behind the scenes. From peer pressure to mental heal, Ginny & Georgia gets it.

10 Mental Health & Self Harm

Marcus Baker from Ginny & Georgia sits on the floor of the school bathroom smoking a joint

The topic of mental health is a big one in 2021. Now more than ever, people are focusing on checking in with themselves and fine-tuning what makes them feel safe and in control. On Ginny & Georgia, Marcus was open with Ginny about his poor mental health after his best friend died from cancer the year before.

He was shocked no one worried about him mentally afterward because he contemplated suicide. Likewise, cameras showed Ginny’s relationship with burning herself when she was upset or under stress. She lied to Hunter about her scars but she was open with Marcus after he saw her doing it.

9 Exploring Sexuality

Max and sophie walk through the school halls together in ginny & georgia

The broad use of representation was gloriously evident in Ginny & Georgia, as was sexuality. Max was openly gay in the show and showcased her frustrations when it came to liking women. She couldn’t always tell if a girl liked her back or if she was just being nice.

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Max finally met her match with Sophie and was open about her fears, hopes, and dreams of losing her virginity. Viewers also saw Ginny and Marcus (unknowingly) lose their virginities to each other and what that meant for them.

8 Body Issues

Abby eating alone at lunch in ginny & georgia

Abby was a member of MANG. Next to Max and Norah, Abby wasn’t all too keen on allowing Ginny into their tight-knit group. As it turned out, Abby was having a hard time at home and wanted her relationship with MANG to stay the same.

Not only were Abby’s parents arguing all the time and getting a divorce but she was also suffering from body dysmorphia. Abby would judge herself in the mirror and even went as far as duck tapping her thighs to fit into jeans. Body issues and the pressure to look perfect at all times plague the youth, and the show did a great job of highlighting that.

7 Being Embarrassed By Parents

Ginny & Georgia

What teenager isn’t slightly embarrassed by their parents from time to time? Ginny is mortified when her mom picks her up from school or helps out at school functions because it means all eyes were on her.

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Considering how stunning Georgia was and how much attention she commands, Ginny was bothered by it, which is all too relatable for teens trying to break free from the nest.

6 Finstas

Ellen and Georgia from Ginny & Georgia laugh and drink wine on Georgia's balcony

When Max tells her mom that she was going to a school play for school credit, Ellen completely believed her and didn’t think twice about it. It wasn’t until Max was out of earshot that Georgia reminded Ellen what it was like to be a teenager on a Friday night. Max was dressed too adorably to be going to a play; she was going to a party.

When Ellen pulled up Max’s Instagram, Georgia knew that the account was a parent-approved Instagram account. Within a few clicks, Georgia and Ellen found Max’s real account, which is also known as a “Finsta” (or fake Instagram).

5 Bullying Is Worse Than Ever

Austin from Ginny & Georgia Holds up his poster for a class presentation

Thanks to cellphones and social media accounts, bullying doesn’t stop at school; it follows kids home. It’s a sad reality that needs to be taken seriously. Ginny & Georgia tackles bullying in regards to Ginny’s brother, Austin. Austin is the new kid in school and is adorably naive.

And sadly, there’s a bully in his class who mocks him for his fake glasses and the identity of his father. Seeing how distraught Austin is and how he doesn’t always have the words to defend himself reminds viewers how prevalent it is in elementary, middle, and high schools.

4 Hidden Crushes

Marcus and ginny kiss for the first time - ginny and georgia

Having secret crushes on different people at school is all part of teenagehood. Everyone is at that age where they’re trying to find out who they are and who they’re attracted to. In Ginny’s case, she crushed on both Hunter and Marcus.

She kept her crush on Marcus, however, on the down-low because his sister was her best friend. Ginny didn’t want to stir the pot or ruin her friendship with Max, so she kept her feelings for Max’s brother under wraps. This is a scenario that’s familiar to teens who have siblings at the same school.

3 Fights In The Friend Group

Mang gets in a fight backstage in ginny & georgia

Just because a group of friends is close and hangs out all the time doesn’t mean they don’t have their moments. MANG is a great example of how teenagers can let petty drama get in between their friendships.

As close as they are, they let outside factors affect the group from time to time. But at the end of the day, MANG always comes back together.

2 Breakups & Makeups

ginny and hunter talk about their class paper in ginny & georgia

Dating, making up, and breaking up are all parts of growing up. For Ginny, she had never had a boyfriend or real friends before moving to Wellsbury. Her newfound popularity was startling to her at first.

While Ginny liked Hunter, she loved Marcus. She was stuck between them and thought that she and Hunter were done when they got in a fight over a class paper. Ginny thought this was her chance to give Marcus a shot, but when Hunter told Ginny he wasn’t ready to call it quits on their relationship, the drama ensued.

1 Lying

Abby from Ginny & Georgia Lays in bed at night scrolling through her phone

Whether it was MANG lying to each other, Ginny lying to her mom, Austin lying about the school, or Marcus lying to himself – lying was prevalent throughout Ginny & Georgia.

Teens lie to cover up tough subjects when they’re not ready to confront them head-on. But if the show taught viewers anything, it’s that lying always comes back to bite someone where it hurts.

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