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January 2023 promises the return of MTV’s Teen Wolf, but fans are getting a movie instead of a rebooted series. According to Variety, the film will take place long after the original cast has left high school but still keeps them as the story’s focal point.

During the original airing of the series, the show gained a loyal legion of fans who were vocal about their love of the show on social media even when there was no news of a movie or rebooted series. Even now, as new fans come to the series through streaming, they are fully invested in the characters and want to share their love of the series with the world, especially on Twitter.


The Likable Characters

Even though some Teen Wolf characters rub people the wrong way, the fanbase sees the characters as likable thanks to their witty banter and deep-rooted, relatable relationships. The show’s writing made the characters seem relatable even when they were in unusual situations, making the viewers care for the Beacon Hills pack on a deeper level.

At a glance, the show seems overdramatic, like every other teen drama on television. Still, after a few episodes, it is clear the characters have well throughout backstories and dynamic personalities that set the series apart from shows before.

Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles Gives Main Character Energy

Dylan O’Brien isn’t the main character of Teen Wolf, which is a shock to newer fans, but the OG fans know that Stiles steals the show every episode, even if he is only in the episode for a few minutes. Scott McCall is a great character, but Stiles’ awkward way of going through life and having no filter on his thoughts makes him the focal point of storylines that he isn’t involved but always has an opinion on.

Being the only non-paranormal character (except when the Nogitsune possesses him), Stiles is the odd person out, making him stand out even more from the rest of the cast, thrusting him into the spotlight.

The Passion About Ships

Every Teen Wolf fan has been in arguments about who was the best relationship on the show, and regardless of who they think was the best romance, fans are passionate about who they ship. The show sparked heavy debate after Allison was killed and Kira was brought on as Scott’s love interest, especially since Allison’s loss shocked many fans and hurt Scott dearly.

The Scira shippers know they face a lot of pushback for their feelings about the couple; it makes the series great since it kept fans engaged even after the show ended.

Staying Power

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Even after the show ended, Teen Wolf fans showed that the series had staying power since the show was so different from any other shows targeted at teens at the time. The show had drama like all the others; however, the horror aspect of the show made it more memorable than other series, sometimes because the scenes were gory and slightly disturbing but also because they were emotional and got fans to react in a way that they can’t forget.

MTV hasn’t done a show like Teen Wolf since it ended, which also helps the show have staying power as there is nothing to compare it to.

The Theme & Intro

The Teen Wolf theme did more than introduce the characters to the viewers from season to season, as it changed every time a new storyline was introduced. Besides having intense music that got fans geared up for the epic fights and intense chase scenes in every episode, the introduction gave hints as to what role the characters would play throughout the season.

In season 1, lacrosse takes center stage as Scott’s biggest problem and makes an appearance in his section; in later seasons, lacrosse takes a backseat, so it isn’t shown during Scott’s part of the introduction.

No Character Is Safe

Fans learned early on that no one is safe in the world of Teen Wolf – if they got attached to a character, they would likely be dead by the end of the season. A small group of characters from season 1 lived to see the end of the series, and the new film will likely have some of them die, which will throw fans into a frenzy but remain consistent with how the show was written.

Even though fans are devastated by the fact that their favorite characters are no longer part of the show, it’s also part of what makes Teen Wolf great as there is always a sense of dread which keeps them hooked.

It Has High Re-watch Value

No matter how often fans watch the series, there is something that brings them back over and over again, and they are not afraid to admit it. The series holds a level of re-watchibility that not every show has; part of what makes it so unique is the fans who watched the show when it was airing have now grown from teens to adults making the show have a large amount of nostalgia.

Beyond the sentimental value of the show, the storylines still hold up as they are rooted in mythology and classic monster lore, which remain popular.

Stiles’ Important Storyline

It might seem outlandish the amount of bad situation Stiles has lived through, but that makes his character so important to the series. Regardless of the season’s focus, it is guaranteed that Stiles will be faced with a sort of hardship that will affect his character going forward.

By having Stiles take the brunt of the bad situations, his character developed quicker, keeping fans engaged when it seemed all the other characters were dealing with the same problems every episode. With Stiles being one of the show’s most popular characters, his traumas kept viewers coming back to see what would happen next. Even when Stiles was the terrifying Nogitsune, fans tuned in to see how he would be affected.

It’s Not For Everyone And That’s Okay

As Rotten Tomatoes shows, Teen Wolf didn’t always receive positive reviews, regardless of having a passionate fanbase and being one of MTV’s most popular shows of the time. Most people wrote the show-off as a Twilight rip-off that was pandering to the group of people who proclaimed themselves Team Jacob over Team Edward, but that wasn’t the case.

Even without the phenomenon of other paranormal shows during the early 2010s, Teen Wolf stood on its own with its unique storylines and brought MTV great success; regardless of the nay-sayers, the pack remained strong.

The Show Is Hard To Top

After Teen Wolf, MTV left the paranormal genre behind to focus on the more popular reality shows that the network has become known for, leaving fans disappointed that there would be no follow-up. The network had one other horror-based series (Scream), but they have yet to revisit the paranormal genre as they did with Teen Wolf; some fans say it is because MTV could never make a better series than its werewolf-focused show.

Viewers have been delighted with the announcement of the new movie bringing people back to Beacon Hills for another adventure with the pack they love so dearly.

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