10 Viral Olympic Parenting Moments That Deserve A Gold Medal | #parenting

Derek Redmond was determined to prove himself as a champion at the Barcelona Olympics. Injury had robbed the world-class runner of being able to compete in Seoul four years earlier. In 1992, after helping Great Britain’s relay team to victory in the World Championships a year earlier, Redmond was seen as a front-runner (no pun intended) in the 400-meter. But approximately 150 meters in, Redmond halted abruptly before crumbling to his knees. He had torn his hamstring. Nevertheless, he was determined to finish the race, limping long after the penultimate runner had crossed the finish line.

Then, from the stands came his father, Jim. “All I can remember after that is telling the coach, Tony Hadley, to look after my camera,” Jim told The Guardian in 2011. “The next thing I knew, I was on the track.” Jim told his son to stop, not wanting him to further injure himself, but when Derek refused, he said “Well then, we’re going to finish this together.”

In a 2012 article for The Daily Mail, Derek recalled, “[Jim] managed to get me to stop trying to run and just walk and he kept repeating, ‘You’re a champion, you’ve got nothing to prove.’”

The love and comfort Jim Redmond showed his weeping son still pulls at our heartstrings almost 30 years later.

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