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Bakugo is not the type to take shortcuts, so he would be more likely to wish for scenarios in which he can test his mettle on the Dragon Balls.

In My Hero Academia, Katsuki Bakugo is a student in Class 1-A—a class made up of some of the best students in U.A. High School. He is one of the most promising students in his class, although he has an arrogant and aggressive attitude that has been known to get him into trouble.

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His goal is to become a professional hero that can surpass Deku, and even All Might. Katsuki is not the type to take shortcuts, so if he did have an opportunity to make some wishes on the Dragon Balls, he would be more likely to wish to be put in scenarios in which he can test his mettle. Although cocky, he loves proving to others that he’s not all talk.

10 Katsuki Would Wish For A Serious Fight Against Shoto Todoroki

Katsuki fights Shoto

During the U.A. Sports Festival, Katsuki had gone out of his way to tell Shoto to go all out in fighting him. Katsuki demanded that Shoto utilize the flame part of his Quirk, since he went so far as to do so in his fight against Deku.

However, Shoto had lost all of his motivation to fight and didn’t even bother to meet Katsuki’s demands. This resulted in an unsatisfying victory. Katsuki would jump at the opportunity to finally have that serious fight.

9 Katsuki Would Wish For All Might To Get His Powers Back

All Might talks to Bakugo

Katsuki constantly blamed himself for being the reason why All Might lost his powers. Although getting kidnapped by the League Of Villains was out of his control, Katsuki still felt terrible that All Might lost his powers while trying to rescue him.

Katsuki would make this kind of wish in an attempt to make up for what he personally considers to be his failure. Due to his guilt, he would want to help All Might in any way possible.

8 Katsuki Would Wish To Keep His Hero Name: Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight

Bakugo's hero names getting rejected

When the Class 1-A students were busy choosing hero names, Katsuki tried to name himself King Explosion Murder. Midnight quickly shot the idea down, stating that his name was a little too violent.

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Katsuki didn’t make too many changes to his original name idea and settled for, “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight.” The name is a tiny homage to All Might, but that gesture is a little lost due to how crazy the rest of his hero name is.

7 Katsuki Would Wish To Fight The Dragon Shenron

Katsuki Bakugo with an evil grin

Katsuki likes to boast about his strength to others, as he has plenty of confidence in his own abilities. In extension, he likes to show off in any way possible, even though showboating has no effect on his classmates.

Fighting the dragon that he summons would, in his mind, be a great way to test himself and to prove to others just how amazing he is. Unfortunately, unless they were there to watch him personally fight the dragon, no one would believe him if he tried to brag about it.

6 Katsuki Would Wish He’d Never Need To Be Protected

Bakugo doing hero work

Katsuki absolutely despises it when people try to protect him. It makes him feel weak, and like the person trying to help him is actually looking down on him instead. He also hates the fact that the people trying to protect him usually are putting themselves in danger, making him feel more like a liability.

To him, being protected by Deku in particular is the absolute worst, and if he had it his way, Deku wouldn’t keep offering him help.

5 Katsuki Would Wish To Be More Aware Of His Shortcomings

Students after failing their exam

When speaking to the students during his Remedial Course, he tells one in particular that looking down on others only makes a person blind to their own shortcomings. It’s a good life lesson that he personally learned the hard way.

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Since his goal is to be the next number one hero, he would want to eliminate all of his own shortcomings. Others tell him what his flaws are, but he typically doesn’t like hearing them from other people.

4 Katsuki Would Wish Away All For One

All For One

Katsuki may have blamed himself for All Might’s retirement, but he is well aware that All For One was a major factor in that too. There is no way that Katsuki would ever be able to forgive this villain, and Katsuki is smart enough to know that he would not be able to defeat All For One on his own.

Since he is less cocky than he used to be, Katsuki would wish away the villain altogether rather than try to fight someone who nearly defeated All Might.

3 Katsuki Would Wish Away His Quirk’s Backlash

Bakugo about to use his quirk

Like every other one in the series, using his explosion Quirk too many times results in backlash. Whenever he uses his Quirk too much at once, his arms start to ache. If he were to wish away this negative aspect of his Quirk, Katsuki would be able to use it more freely.

This would make him more deadly in battle and truly make him live up to his hero name since this would help him last longer than his opponents.

2 Katsuki Would Wish For Spicy Food

Bakugo eating

If Katsuki had ten wishes and doubted the dragon’s credibility at all, he would most likely waste a wish on something insignificant first.

Katsuki is a fan of spicy food, so this would be one of the things that he would ask for. Since Katsuki wants to become powerful and well-known thanks to his own power, it’s unlikely that he would try to make wishes that would make it too easy to become the next number one hero.

1 Katsuki Would Wish His Classmates Were Less Annoying

Eijiro talks about his first impression of Bakugo

Katsuki is arrogant and short tempered, and the negative aspects of his personality usually lead to him coming into conflict with his classmates. Although he has befriended some of his classmates, there are still many that he would hate spending time with.

Katsuki is more mellow than he was when he first arrived to U.A., but it’s not very difficult for his classmates to get on his nerves, especially since most of them have gotten comfortable enough with him to tease him.

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