13-year-old Marcus Lewis Jr. last seen Oct. 16 in Katy, Texas EquuSearch says | #specialneeds | #kids

KATY, Texas (KTRK) — A couple from Littleton, Colorado, has been in southeast Texas for a month trying to find a missing teenager with developmental delays.Members of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office last saw Marcus Lewis Jr. with his father in Katy in late October. Now, there’s an arrest warrant out for Marcus Lewis Sr., and Texas EquuSearch is joining the effort to find the missing teen.

Marcus Jr.’s mother, Shannon Patrick, said the legal process between Colorado and Texas has delayed the missing persons bulletin. The Harris County Sheriff’s office said the case doesn’t meet the requirements for an Amber Alert. However, Patrick said she doesn’t believe her son is safe because he was extremely upset the last time they talked.In a recorded video of the FaceTime call, Marcus Jr. said, “Someone, put their hands on me.” He appeared distressed and was crying. After that, he seemingly looked up at someone else in the room. Then, the FaceTime call went dead.

Patrick said she and her husband drove 1,000 miles to Texas the very next day.

“Ever since that call, I have not spoken with him. He has special needs, so I’m just really concerned for his safety,” Patrick said.

Her concerns reached Texas EqquSearch. They shared a bulletin Wednesday describing Marcus Jr. as a 13-year-old with the cognitive ability of a 7- or 8-year-old. He has dark brown eyes and a scar over his left eyebrow near his eyelid.

“It is sad that there’s a child with special needs in Texas, and he’s not accounted for. The main issue is he can’t defend himself. His processing is a little delayed, so I’m hoping, with this and social media, someone will see my son and help,” said Patrick.

Patrick and her husband, Cole Rodriguez, believe Marcus Jr. is with his father. Marcus Sr. is reportedly wanted in Colorado for not sending the teenager back to his mother’s custody after a two-week visit.

“Once the father found out he had a warrant, he just took the child and ran,” Rodriguez said.

The couple said they think Marcus Jr. is afraid, and they’re asking his dad to do the right thing.

“He needs to turn himself in and hand over Marcus (Jr.),” Parick said.

Anyone with information on the teen’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 713-755-7424 or Texas EquuSearch at 281-309-9500.

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