15 Ways Breastfeeding Completely Messes With Your Sanity | #parenting

Everyone knows that postpartum moms are a little bit nuts. There’s the hormones, the sleep deprivation, and the I-just-popped-a-baby-from-my-vagina-or-got-one-cut-out-of-me.

She has shared charge of an actual human being, who will expire if left sitting on the middle of the floor for too long. This would make anyone crazy.

Then, add breastfeeding into the mix.

Breastfeeding moms are no more or less crazy than formula feeding moms, but breastfeeding makes you crazy in ways formula feeding doesn’t. I know — I’ve full-term nursed three kids.

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I loved mostly every minute of it, but I know I seemed downright insane to most of the non-nursing world. Here’s why:

1. You see your nipples as merely another bodily appendage.

No more are they special, secret places you keep under wraps at all times. No way. Your nipples are now food delivery devices.

Your baby will turn his head and stretch them in ways you never thought possible. And if you pump — the Luna Motif is great, by the way — what happens to your nipples will look like something from a fetish video. You won’t care about any of these things.

2. You become proud of your boob size.

Big or small, medium or in-between, you’re proud of your breasts because they’re keeping a human being alive.

Your bras may range into the middle-end of the alphabet — and more properly be termed “harness” — but darn it, they’re feeding little Braylynn. High-five, boobies!

3. You develop a nickname for your boobs.

You’ll ask your baby if they want ta-ta, or milkies, or na-nas, possibly even boobie. When other people overhear you, they’ll look at you like you just shouted the word “penis” in a crowded hallway.

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