15-Year-Old Saugus High School Cheerleader Recalls Being in Quad When Shooter Pulled Gun – NBC Los Angeles | #schoolshooting

It’s a nightmare you can’t wake up from.

Fifteen-year-old Amy Foster, a cheerleader at Saugus High School, said she was in the quad when the shooter pulled a handgun from his backpack and started firing, killing two people and, eventually, himself.

“All I saw was black and blue and a gun and the spark of fire of the gun and the sizzling as the bullet is flying past,” Amy said.

It took a moment for Amy to realize what was happening. Everything came into focus when she heard someone yelling: “Run! Run! School shooter! Get off campus!”

Then, it was chaos. 

“I turn my head a little bit more, and I can see the gun pointed straight towards where me and my friends are,” Amy said she was sitting on a table when the shooting started.

She added, “As I’m turning the corner, I can see and hear ‘whewp’ go past my head and hit somebody in the shoulder.” 

“It was crazy,” Amy said. “I didn’t know what to do. I kept running and running and running.”

The memories of those horrifying moments keep the 15-year-old up at night.

“I knew people were shot and killed while I was running, but I couldn’t do anything to save them,” Amy said.

She said she’s trying to say positive through everything, but she will return to class only when she is ready. And her parents are behind her 100%.

“They need to be with their friends,” Rob Foster, Amy’s father, said.

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