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The world and people were very different back in the 1950s. Yet, there are still some wise tidbits of parenting information we could use today.

It is certainly safe to say that raising a child in the 1950s is nothing like raising a child today. But, when you look back on some of the parenting advice doled out back then, you might just notice that there are a few similar things that we as parents still are actually doing! That is because it is tried-and-true advice that has been effective for parents throughout the last sixty-plus years.

Here is some interesting advice from that era that can still be used today.

Keep A Regular Bedtime

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We all know that it is very important to get enough sleep, especially children as they are growing and changing each and every day. A lot of growth and change happen while they are asleep. By enforcing a regular bedtime, one that is the same time every night, will ensure that children will get the sleep that their bodies need, while also giving parents time to themselves after the kids have gone to bed.

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They Still Promoted Self-Care

Many “baby manuals” warned against letting the new baby rule the whole house. This kind of advice still rings true today. Yes, babies need to be taken care of, nursed, fed, bathed, diapers changed, etc. But for instance, if they are taking a nap, use that time for yourself to do what you want to do, whatever that may be. You could also take a quick nap, hop in the shower or crack open that book that you’ve been wanting to read.

Children thrive with a loving and caring, yet, stern adult figure. Without this, they will become bratty and think they can “rule the whole house.” Once they’re older, this behavior is hard to adjust.

Be Their Parent, Not Their Friend

We love our children with every fiber of our being. That is why it sometimes seems so tempting to step into the “friend” role as a parent. We want to be “cool” and want our children to accept us as their friend, but this may mean that they may expect you to do things with them that as a parent you wouldn’t let them do. In the 1950s, parents were very much focused on being a parent to their child, and not worried about becoming their friend instead. This advice is definitely a good takeaway. Like previously stated, kids need a sense a direction and support, and a parent can offer that. A friend will guide them to the unknown; parents know the unknown already.

Teach Manners

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Teaching our children manners should be paramount in raising them. Good manners include teaching them to say please, thank you, and excuse me. It also means teaching them to respect the older people in their lives, whether that is mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, or someone else. You also should teach them to do basic things like cover their mouth when they cough and sneeze into their elbow, so they do not spread germs. It is only polite, and in 2020, it’s not only polite but required!

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Let Them Fail

Back in the 50s, they very much had a mentality of letting their children make their own mistakes and to let them fail. This is advice should still be used today because, otherwise, they are not going to learn how to navigate the world around them by themselves. We, as their parents, are not going to live forever –sorry to sound so grim but it’s the only thing that’s certain in life. It also teaches them to build their confidence, like for example, if they fall off of a bike, they may want to give up, but watch them try again. That is their confidence in themselves, and the determination to know they can achieve their goals.

Don’t Let Them Be Too Picky

We are obviously not going to let our kids starve or go without dinner. If they do not like what is presented in front of them, try calmly speaking to them to ask them to just try it, to see if they like it. Then explain to them that this is what was cooked for dinner and that everyone else in the family is eating it. If they refuse, you can tell them that they may be excused from the table for the moment. Later on, try to offer the same food again, if they still are being picky, just offer them a simple meal, so they are not going to bed hungry.

Keep Things Simple

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We as millennial parents may have lost our way a little bit. We often tend to give in often when our children want something. We think its “a little here, a little there.” But indulging their every whim and want, we are spoiling them and raising them to think that the world is going to give them handouts. Keep it simple with the toys. Let them have a toybox, but don’t overfill it with so many toys that they can’t keep their room clean. We should also limit the amount of screen time that they have, because, well, they never had any fancy electronics back in the 1950s after all.

There is plenty of great advice from the 1950s, and even past that. These are merely just a few simple tidbits of advice that can still be used today as a 21st-century parent.

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