2 arrested after mother says son left on school bus

The bus driver and bus attendant who allegedly left a special needs child on a Monroe City school bus have been arrested.

34-year-old Christopher Yates and 55-year-old Vicky Hampton have been charged with one count of felony cruelty to juveniles. Police say Yates performed a check of the bus he was driving after returning to the Monroe City bus barn on Auburn Lane, but did not check underneath the seats.

They say Yates told them that the child had climbed under the seats in the past. Yates’ bond was set at one thousand dollars.

Hampton also gave a deposition to police saying that she left the bus early before the bus was parked when they got back to the bus barn. She also said she was distracted while talking to a teacher at Sallie Humble Elementary and did not perform a complete check of the bus to see if anyone was left on it.