2 school officials arrested in connection to Linn County child sex abuse case

Parents trusted two men to teach and lead their kids but they are now accused of hiding a teacher’s alleged crimes.

The Linn County attorney, James Brun, filed charges Tuesday against principal Tim Weis and superintendent Chris Kleidosty for allegedly failing to report abuse and neglect.

“It’s been a hard time for all of us. I felt like it was going to get swept under the rug and it’s not ok for my kids or anybody else’s kids,” Melody Beeker, a parent said

In June 2016, the Linn County attorney filed 20 charges against Keaton Krell, a teacher at Prairie View High School for allegedly having sexual relations with a student within a span of two years.

Krell resigned around the time of his arrest in May.

“I’m so thankful right now that something is finally being done because they do deserve to pay for what they did,” Beeker said.

Court documents show Weis and Kleidosty knew about the alleged sexual activity but did not alert authorities .

Beeker, whose two daughters attend the high school, began circulating a petition to oust the two administrators after Krell was arrested. She gathered nearly 400 signatures.

However, Weis stayed as principal at Prairie View High School, Keidosty moved on to become the superintendent of the Tonganoxie School District.

The USD 464 Board of Education releases the following statement:

“Superintendent Chris Kleidosty was arrested this afternoon by the Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Department on a warrant issued by Linn County for failing to report abuse from an alleged incident which occurred at Prairie View School District USD 362 years ago.

The USD 464 Board of Education has suspended Mr. Kleidosty effective immediately with pay and pending further board action. Mrs. Tonya Phillips has been appointed as the interim superintendent.

The safety and well-being of our students is always our highest priority. The Board of Education is committed to transparency and will continue to keep our patrons informed.

Daniel R. Hopkins Sr.

Vice President, Board of Education

USD 464, Tonganoxie”

Students at the Prairie View High School tell 41 Action News they feel violated.

“I can’t trust him after what he did now,” Michael Comer an 11th grader said.

Meanwhile parents want a new leader.

“Get a new principal in here that’s going to do a good job with these kids because these kids are definitely need the protection,” Patty Comer, a parent said.

As this case makes its way through the legal system the Linn County school district said Weis is on paid administrative leave.