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Seth Coburn | Oct 13, 2020 AT 6:05 pm
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KNSI) – A pair of deaths attributed to the CoronaVirus were reported in Stearns County by the Minnesota Department of Health, among the seven reported statewide Tuesday. One thousand one hundred fifty new confirmed cases of the virus were reported across the state, with 87 of those in the five-county area.

During the MDH’s daily COVID briefing, assistant commissioner Dan Huff was asked if the increased positive numbers the state has been seeing could be because of too much testing.

“We have to think back at what’s the pupose of testing. The Purpose is, if someone is infected, allow them to know that they’re infected so they can isolate. Then we can follow up with anyone they have been in contact with, so those folks can quarentine. That’s how we stop transmission of the virus. Given that premise, we really cqan’t overtest.”

Of the new cases, Stearns county reported 29 new cases, with the deaths of two individuals, one aged 75 to 79 and the second aged 80 to 84. Morrison County reported four confirmed new cases, Sherburne County 17, Benton County saw ten new cases, and Wright County totaled 27.

During the briefing, governor Tim Walz was asked if the increase in positive cases is forcing the MDH to take another look at school closures.

“Once you it a certain goal, this becomes a math problem. The spread of a virus will grow expenensiously based on that. So some of these, like the 5% positivity rate there’s a good reason that’s in the textbooks about why you should be careful, because that’s when you start to get spread.”

So far, the state of Minnesota has confirmed 114,574 cases of the novel Corona Virus statewide. 2,151 Minnesotans have died from the virus, with 1,524 of those in assisted living or long-term care facilities.

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