20 20 on ID ~~ Stranger Danger


13 thoughts on “20 20 on ID ~~ Stranger Danger

  1. dee clark

    Had been wondering why the media kept saying ‘sexual assault’ and not RAPE.
    It reduces the severity of the crime. That brave girl is an amazing person.
    As a victim of rape you are discouraged from reporting it yet this horrific
    crime remains with you for life. For rapists it just a power trip with sex,
    the victim is effectively destroyed. Thank goodness Bridget has her family
    and her faith. 

  2. wupperelfe

    I wouldn’t have thought that there’s anything in this episode that could
    make me laugh but hearing Creepy Espinoza describe how Ms. Ford gave him
    secret signs, one detective in the room laconically comments:” Oh, yeah! ”
    in a tone that says exactly what he thought of him!

    Kudos to Bridget – how much courage it must have cost her to admit the
    rape, no less standing on that awful field again while she did it! 

  3. Ryhela

    Espinosa looks like Charles Laughton’s portrayal of “The Hunchback of Notre
    Dame”. The exception being that the Hunchback was a good guy who was
    hounded because of his appearance. This guy is just a pathetic psychotic
    mentally ill man.

  4. Rob Robert

    Holy shit! Espinoza is the guy from Deliverance. Don’t let him near any

    See, this is the kind of thing that just boggles the mind, and it makes my
    blood boil. They let this guy out of the hospital on “supervised
    medication,” and then when he mows down 50 people in a church with an AR-15
    everyone draws up a bunch of colourful banners and gets themselves on the
    NEWS screaming and yelling about gun-control. Every single one of those
    shootings have been committed by a guy a lot like Espinoza, who was let out
    of the hospital on “supervised medication,” or “psychiatric supervision.”
    But it’s not his mental illness, and the way we handle it, that’s to blame.
    It’s a lack of gun-control. The word STUPID was invented for just these
    kind of people; the people that let this guy out of the hospital, and the
    people on the NEWS with the banners. 

  5. WM

    Criminologist Speciliser! Love your ID Videos Man! Thanks alot for
    uploading all the best Docs and full time!

  6. dictator54

    Is this woman otta her god forsaken mind what to hell is she thinking woman
    like her are stupid not HEROIC she is just lucky she is here to talk about

  7. dictator54

    The U.S gov are experts at spredding fear this kook belongs in a cell akong
    with the pink panty sheriff they are both looney as three dollar bills