3 Fascinating Cases That ‘Never Seen Again’ Season 2 Is Covering | #College. | #Students

Paramount+ has just released the second season of Never Seen Again. The true crime series covers the sudden and inexplicable disappearances of people. Each episode covers a different missing person, digging deep into the strange events leading up to their disappearances and all that has happened since. Some cases remain cold decades after the missing person was last seen. We’ve collected three of the most baffling cases that season 2 has covered. 

Ali Gilmore went missing in 2007; Her story was covered in season 2 of ‘Never Seen Again’ 

In 2006, Ali Gilmore was pregnant and working two jobs. The 30-year-old worked for Florida’s Department of Health during the day and had picked up a second job at a supermarket to make her dream of homeownership a reality. According to friends and family, Gilmore was high-achieving and hard-working. 

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