3 From Nashua Arrested On Child Sexual Abuse Images Charges | #teacher | #children | #kids

NASHUA, NH — Three Gate City residents were arrested Tuesday on possession on child sexual abuse images charges after investigations by police in Nashua who are an affiliate of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

The investigation into the three residents came to light after the department received information from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children regarding “the exploitation of children on various social media platforms,” according to Lt. Matthew DiFava of the department’s special investigation division.

“Members of the Special Investigations Division and Computer Forensics Unit furthered the information with the assistance of the Internet Crimes against Children (ICAC) Task Force, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations,” DiFava said, and three were later charged.

Gofur Alom, 28, pictured left, of Central Street in Nashua was arrested on a single felony distribution charge. Patricia Lewis Douglas, center, 62, of Brook Street in Nashua was arrested on two felony possession counts. Robert Stizza, 18, right, of Gray Avenue in Nashua was also arrested on five felony possession charges.

Alom, according to the Hillsborough County Superior Court South, was charged with first- and second-degree assault deadly weapon charges in January 2018 but those charges were dismissed in February.

All three residents will be arraigned in Hillsborough County Superior Court South at a later date.

DiFava said anyone in the city can anonymous report cases of child exploitation or any other information at 603-589-1665.

Editor’s note: This post was derived from information supplied by the Nashua Police Department and does not indicate a conviction. This link explains the removal request process for New Hampshire Patch police reports.

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