3 Major Things That Make Parenting Way Harder Than It Actually Is | #parenting

I will be completely upfront with my biggest problem in parenting: I am terrified that I will fail.

It is as simple as that. The fear of failure looms in my heart every single day because I have no idea what it means to succeed in parenting.

Maybe I do and I simply suffer from a hefty dose of self-doubt. My marriage is happy, and my kids are happy . . . so why am I so worried all the time?  What, exactly, am I so worried about?

I worry about the food I give them. I worry about the clothes we have for them. I stress over the amount of time I spend with them … or don’t spend with them.

When is it enough, and when is it overpowering? We homeschool, so am I teaching them what they need for school? Have I missed anything? Should I push them harder? Should I push myself harder?

Or have I pushed too hard, and maybe I should lay back a little? Am I letting them become their own person enough, or have I micro-managed their ideas too much? Are we doing OK as parents? Are my kids happy?

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This breed of worry over failure is what keeps me up at night, and there are some nights I almost start to worry about myself because of this.

My husband and I have a house full of kids, and at the end of the day, all I want is for our children to know their parents love them, to fall asleep with the comfort of happiness in the safety of their beds, and to grow up and be successful adults with a happy life.

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