3 Men Involved In Deadly Hawaii Vacation Rental Fight Were CMU Grads | #students | #parents

There are new details about a manslaughter case in Hawaii. All three men involved went to Carnegie Mellon University; KDKA’s Amy Wadas reports.

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STACY SMITH: We are learning more tonight about a manslaughter case in Hawaii. It turns out all three men involved went to Carnegie Mellon University. Amy Wadas is live now with what she has learned. Amy?

AMY WADAS: Stacy, they are all 2020 MBA graduates at CMU, two from Pittsburgh, one from Boston. Now, 37-year-old Benjamin Fleming was charged with manslaughter in connection with the death of 30-year-old Abhishek Gupta. They’re the two men from Pittsburgh.

Now, investigators say 31-year-old Alexander Germany-Wald, who’s from Boston, was released from custody and is no longer charged in the case. Police say the men were roommates at a Kona vacation rental. Prosecutors believe Fleming got into a fight with Gupta early Monday morning. They say Gupta was strangled. Court documents say Fleming gave conflicting statements about what led up to Gupta’s death.

Fleming, in the striped shirt, appeared in court Wednesday. And during Fleming’s hearing, his attorney asked the judge to reduce his bail. But the prosecution told the judge why that shouldn’t happen.

CHARLES MURRAY: Your Honor, I would oppose. This is a class A felony manslaughter. The defendant already has a plane ticket to leave the island scheduled on April 4, 2021. He’s not from here. He has no ties here. We do believe he’s a flight risk, given the nature of the charges.

CHRISTOPHER EGGERT: I would request that the court either provide supervised release or substantially reduce the bail requirement.

AMY WADAS: A judge denied the defense’s request. Now, Fleming, his bail has been set to $250,000. He is scheduled to appear in court for his preliminary hearing next week. Reporting live tonight, Amy Wadas, KDKA News.

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