3 #Naples High students arrested for #having #marijuana, e-cigs on #campus

NAPLES, Fla. –
Three students at Naples High School, including a varsity football player, were arrested after getting caught with marijuana oil and tools to smoke it on campus on Friday.

Juan Herrera, 18, and two other minors were taken into custody for possession of synthetic narcotics.

One of the minors is a senior and played linebacker this past season for the Naples High varsity football team.

The trio was caught after one of them was reported to the assistant principal for smoking a Juul e-cig during class. This was one day after Collier School officials said the new smoking trend wasn’t an issue in their district.

When the student was asked to empty her pockets, she removed another electronic cigarette with marijuana oil in it and told authorities she bought it off campus from Herrera.

Deputies said Herrera admitted to selling cartridges of marijuana oil to as many as 15 other students at Naples High School.

“I don’t want them selling that to my son. I mean drugs don’t get you anywhere in life. I mean it’s just not good so I hope the school can do something about it, for the safety of my son,” said Dora Mendoza, whose son will be a freshman at Naples High School next year.

Mahallati and one of the minors also had Juuls on them, according to the report. A Juul is an electronic cigarette that looks like a flash drive that students across the country are using to vaporize nicotine in class.

“I don’t even know where these kids get these things and I don’t think they should sell them. I think they should just get rid of them,” Mendoza said.

Bill Kramer, Naples High School varsity football coach, said the varsity football player is no longer part of the team. His only comment on the teen’s arrest was, “This is not nice.”

Collier School officials said a day before the bust that Juuls were not an issue in their classrooms. We reached out to them multiple times today for comment, but haven’t heard back yet.