33 women’s groups file brief in support of ‘rape bait’ student



More voices of support are coming out for the student involved in the “rape bait” case at Sparkman Middle School.

A band of 33 women’s groups have come together and submitted a brief to the federal appeals court in support of the teenager who says she was raped in a bathroom at the school.

She says an educator at the school used her as bait to try to catch another student soliciting girls at the school.

The teenager’s family filed a lawsuit against school leaders.

A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit. The family appealed to the 11th Circuit.

The Department of Justice already filed a brief in support of the alleged victim.

The brief filed by the women’s groups states the school’s policies increase the risk that students will be sexually assaulted or harassed. It says, in part:

“The brief also accuses the court that dismissed the case of victim blaming – stating, “The district court’s focus on the victim’s behavior…is tantamount to victim-blaming, which excuses sexual violence.”