39-year-old man arrested in Livingston Parish kidnapping of teenagers | #childabductors

SPRINGFIELD – Parents of a teenager abducted Friday said they taught their child to fight for their life, a lesson she needed in a scary situation in Livingston Parish.

Authorities said Albert Lavigne, 39, kidnapped two teenage girls at gun point in Livingston Parish Friday around 5 p.m.

Click HERE to read about the WBRZ interview with the victim’s parents.  

The parents of one of the victims said in an interview with WBRZ, Lavigne took their daughter and her 15-year-old friend from the Springfield area as the two teenagers walked to a nearby store.

The teens were snatched at gunpoint, authorities said.

The victim’s parents said the man forced the two teenagers into his vehicle.  He drove them a few miles away, into Tangipahoa Parish where the two teenagers fought back.

One of the teens was able to grab the steering wheel of the vehicle and force it off the road, causing a crash.  All three – the two victims and the suspect – were hurt, authorities said.

After the crash and amid delusion, one of the teenagers managed to call 911, alerting authorities.  Good Samaritans rendered aid, the parents said, and even held the abductor at bay until authorities arrived.

Lavigne will be charged with kidnapping once released from the hospital, authorities said.

The two teenagers were treated at the hospital for minor injuries related to the crash. 

Watch WBRZ News 2 at 10:00 Saturday to hear from the victim’s family.

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