3rd fatal shooting in Bridgeport this week leaves another family | #schoolshooting

Another family is grieving after the third fatal shooting in Bridgeport since Monday evening.

On Thursday, Tyler Ballew, 21, was shot in the head in a drive-by shooting. At the time, police say he was hanging out with a group of people who gathered to shoot a rap video.

Three of Ballew’s friends were sitting in a nearby car were also hit by bullets. They are expected to recover. 

Harry Bell, a family friend of Ballew, says he spoke to him just three days ago.

“He was telling me about he got two interviews lined up and he’s going to start barber school and he was super excited,” he told News 12.

Police say it was a targeted shooting. They are looking at whether it could be connected to an incident on Monday evening where Eugene Stinson was shot to death on Fairfield Avenue.

Police say they are making progress in the Stinson case, but they are still looking to interview witnesses in the shooting death of 52-year-old Wayne Wollcock, who was also killed on Monday.


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