4 Investigates: New evidence sheds light on deadly homecoming party | #schoolshooting

Garcia: “I didn’t.”

During the interrogation, Garcia explained “guys were waving around guns at a regular high school party… we go outside and hit the street, then people start shooting.”

Detective: “When you first heard gunshots what did you do?”

Garcia: “Run to the car.”         

Detective: “I know when you got into your car and there were several gunshots going off, you weren’t even trying to get to your car. Explain that – that’s different.”

Garcia: “I don’t know.”

Detective: “I know you pull a gun out and I know you pointed at [intended target] and I know you pulled the trigger more than once.”

Garcia: “Really?”

Detective: “Yes.”

New surveillance video shows the shooting in progress. The video shows someone raise and arm as several flashes appear from the muzzle of the gun.

Investigators say that Garcia aimed his gunfire at an intended target who was not Markey. The surveillance video shows the intended target running through someone’s front yard, which was the same area where Sean Markey and a friend were sitting.

The friend who was with Markey described what happened to police: “Me and him started running and I was literally this close to him and then [expletive] he fell and he was all ‘I think I got shot’ and I dragged him on the sidewalk and [expletive] went into the bushes and [expletive] got down.”

According to several witnesses, there were a lot of gunshots that night, possibly from multiple guns.

In the middle of the chaos, investigators say Izaiah Garcia – who also goes by “Taz” was trying to take out someone else – someone he had a beef with three years prior for pistol whipping one of his friends.

One witness – a friend of the suspect – told the detective

Detective: You guys knew [intended target]? You knew the beef and you saw him at this party Correct?

Witness: Yeah.

The detective then asked the witness about what happened shortly after shots were fired to which he responded: “Taz came up to my car and said ‘I think I just shot [intended target] and then he said ‘we’re going to a party.’”

Garcia’s attorney has previously questioned in court whether Garcia was the actual shooter – because there was so much gunfire that night. However, police have not identified any other suspects and prosecutors believe it was a shot fired by Garcia that killed an innocent teen.

The intended target was 17 years old at the time and police have protected his identity for safety reasons.

“If it wasn’t an innocent kid, I wouldn’t be saying nothing, if you want to know the truth,” the intended target told detectives. “He tried to kill me and he killed another kid on accident is honestly what happened – and I feel horrible.”

Garcia remains locked up as he awaits trial, which is set for early next year.

Garcia has also been implicated in another homicide involving a woman playing Pokémon Go. However, he has not been charged in that case.

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