4 Simple Ways to Teach Your Children to Stand Up Against Bullying

What is bullying? StopBullying.gov defines “bullying” as unwanted, aggressive behavior in which a child or teen uses a real or perceived power imbalance, such as physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity, to control or harm other kids. It can include anything from spreading rumors to name-calling to physical aggression. Essentially, bullying is a form of power for the person who is bullying. Sadly there are children and grown-ups who will always try to put down your children and may try to bully them, but what we can as parents teach our children is how to stand against it.
Here are 4 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Teach your children to stand up against bullying, first time, every time.

  1. Communication
    It is quite important to know what your child is going through and that is only possible through an open channel of communication. Take some time out every day from your busy schedules, and talk to your children about their school and if things are ok. Look at any changed behaviors or sudden changes in talking patterns of your child. Notice if they decide to stay aloof from the family. Attention to these little changes can help combat whatever your child is going through.

  2. Model What You Preach
    Parents are role models for their children. Whatever you model, is what our children apply in their lives and it becomes a belief system for them. Stand up for yourself by respecting yourself. Don’t back down in any situation as your children constantly look upto you. Stay confident and positive yourself.

  3. Boundaries
    Teach your children that there are certain boundaries that everyone needs to follow with them – and that includes any friends, teachers, helpers at school, any known or unknown people. For e.g. – no one can hurt them, no one can touch them without their permission, no one can call them names and they have a voice. Teach them to how to use that voice when boundaries are compromised.

  4. Handle the First Instance to Bullying Right
    Teach your children how bullying works. In most cases – bullying worsens when the victim does not speak up or take an action when the bullying happens for the first time. When the child is taught about his boundaries and how to use his voice – most bullying cases are stopped there and then.