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Captain America is an iconic MCU hero who consistently downs baddies using a variety of martial arts along with his superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. What really sets Steve Rogers apart from other MCU heroes, though, is his ability as a tactician and field commander. Even Tony Stark and Thor often bow their heads to Captain America’s orders.

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Yet what would happen to Captain America if he was thrown into an anime universe where one on one fights reign supreme?

10 Could Beat Him: One-Punch Man

Saitama is one of anime’s most overpowered characters. In fact, the entire plot of One-Punch Man is centered around Saitama’s insatiable boredom as nearly every bad guy he comes into contact with is devastated by Saitama with only one punch. Saitama’s physical abilities are simply overwhelming thus a contest between these two superheroes ends in an easy win for Saitama.  When Captain America can leap thousands of feet into the air and, with one punch, shatter a meteor predicted to destroy several cities, then, maybe, he’ll be a match for Saitama.

9 Couldn’t: Kamijou Touma

While Kamijou Touma is the main protagonist of A Certain Magical Index and often defeats insanely powerful opponents against overwhelming odds, he is no match for Captain America. Kamijou shows great intuition in his fights, often noticing small details that allow him to target his opponent’s weaknesses. Yet, his physical abilities and fighting prowess are nothing overly special. While Kamijou does have his ultimate weapon, Imagine Breaker, to fall back on, this power only negates the effects of supernatural abilities. Since Captain America’s powers are grounded in physical enhancements rather than supernatural phenomena, Kamijou is at a major disadvantage in this fight. 

8 Would Beat Him: Luffy

Captain of The Straw Hat Pirates and the main protagonist from One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy could easily take down Captain America. Luffy’s devil fruit powers, which turned his body into rubber, make him immune to a large majority of physical attacks. The only ways to break through his natural defense are with Haki, which Captain America doesn’t possess, or a blade of some kind.

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While Captain America would be willing to pick up a sword in order to fight Luffy, the techniques Luffy has perfected through the creative application of his stretchy body provide him with great strength and speed that far outstrips Captain America’s abilities. While Captain America’s vibranium shield may be able to repel Luffy’s attacks even while coated in a layer of armament haki, the simple truth is that Luffy could strike Captain America far more often than Cap could block and one well-aimed gum gum attack could send Captain America flying for miles.

7 Couldn’t: Sodou Kaname

Sodou Kaname, the main protagonist from Darwin’s Game, quickly climbs from the status of nervous high school student to gun-creating warrior in the first season of the anime. Yet, Kaname’s abilities, as stated in the anime, aren’t anything overly special. Sure, he can create guns, swords, and flash bombs out of thin air and has a knack for outmaneuvering his enemies in a fight, but even after his training near the end of season 1, he is no match for the strength and fighting experience possessed by Steve Rogers.

6 Could Beat Him: Yusuke Urameshi

This old-school anime hero from Yu Yu Hakusho uses spiritual energy to fuel massive blasts of powers from his finger, a technique he calls his Spirit Gun. Yusuke, having originally been a street punk brawler before being assigned a position as a spirit detective after his first death, would have been no match for Captain America earlier in the anime. Yet, after being trained by the master psychic Genkai, Yusuke had gained more than enough power to leave Captain America sprawled in the dust. While he lacks the experience and ability to strategize that Captain America boasts, the speed and strength he receives from mastering the Spirit Wave along with his later awakened demonic powers spell an easy victory for this street tough.

5 Couldn’t: Ri Shin

Ri Shin is the main protagonist from the anime Kingdom. This hard-headed yet fluff-brained army commander raises his power level in leaps and bounds, taking out heavy-hitting generals at a young age. While Shin’s battle prowess is great, and he does possess a generals aura or intimidation factor, he’s still just a regular dude who’s never seen a modern-day battlefield. Captain America might get a good fight out of the young man, but, ultimately, Captain America surpasses Shin in every way.

4 Could Beat Him: Mikoto Misaka

This one-woman army is the main Protagonist of A Certain Scientific Railgun and one of only seven level 5 Espers in the city. Misaka has the ability to control electricity at will and has a shockingly devastating maximum voltage of 1 billion volts. The ability to shock an opponent from afar with this much power is already overwhelming, yet Misaka boasts numerous other skills that she puts to use with creative flare. She can hack computers, control and vibrate iron sand, sense electromagnetic waves, magnetize herself allowing her to walk on walls, control metal with crazy precision, shoot metal at incredible speeds with great precision, and can even tremendously increase her physical speed by controlling the electrical signals inside herself. While Captain America’s shield has been shown to be resistant to electricity to some degree, Misaka simply has too many ways of overcoming Captain America’s defenses for this to be any semblance of a fight.

3 Eraser Head

Eraser Head, better known as Shota Aizawa, is a professional hero and the homeroom teacher of Class 1A in My Hero Academia. This teacher uses a deadly combination of martial arts, a scarf that can turn rigid on command, and his powers to erase another’s quirk to quickly disarm and capture criminals. This combination of skills has proven highly effective against opponents who rely on their quirks thus making him a match for even the strongest pro heroes.

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Unfortunately for Aizawa, Captain America’s powers aren’t something that he could likely affect. It has been stated in the anime that Aizawa can’t erase mutant class quirks, which means he can’t affect the quirks that have created permanent physical changes to one’s body. If Captain America’s powers could even be considered something like a quirk, the fact that Stever Rogers’ entire physique was changed when he received his powers means that Aizawa could only rely on his martial skills in a fight with Cap. While this would be a fun fight to watch, Captain America would have a great advantage over Eraser Head.

2 Could Beat Him: Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is the main protagonist of Attack on Titan and holds the power of not only the Attack Titan but the Founding Titan and Warhammer Titan as well. Eren’s personality seems in constant flux, in a large majority of the anime he often seems unsure of himself and his powers, yet, in the latest season, Eren has shown great change. He is now a merciless killer and seems very confident in his fighting prowess. While “regular” humans have shown that they can be highly effective against titans, this is only accomplished by their use of ODM gear, which takes a lot of time to master. If Captain America wanted to win this fight he would need a way to greatly increase his own mobility, and while Cap’s shield would make a perfect weapon against Titan armor, Eren simply has too many ways to attack and too much experience fighting Titans himself to allow Captain America a good strike at his nape, thus spelling defeat for Captain America.

1 Couldn’t: Joe

Joe is a boxer, but not just any boxer. In the anime Megalo Box we’re introduced to a new style of boxing where men upgrade their arms with machinery before they step into the ring. Joe produces incredible feats as he defeats one megalo boxer after another with nothing but his own body to rely on. While Joe obviously possesses great skill, Captain America has held his own against Iron Man, who has far more upgrades than Joe’s opponents. Joe would be more than willing to fight Captain America to prove that a normal guy could even beat a superhuman, but Captain America’s fighting expertise and incredible endurance puts Joe at far too great of a disadvantage.

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