5 Practical Ways to Help Your Kid Pay Attention Learning at Home | #parenting

1. Fuel Their Brains with the Right Kind of Fuel

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Making sure kids eat breakfast before school has been a long-touted piece of advice, but making sure they get the right kind of fuel for their brains is a topic worth emphasizing.

While most families struggle to get everyone “up and at em” on time, it’s important to slow down long enough to ensure your child is getting a nutritious meal that will help their brains wake up and prepare them to learn.

According to this post, “Never skip breakfast! Having a healthy meal first thing in the morning is what gets your neurons firing.”

We can liken our children’s brains to a car that requires upgraded fuel to run properly. When filled with sub-par gasoline, a car’s engine will sputter, miss out, and even fail to run. So it is with kids. If they start the day with high doses of sugar, or no breakfast at all, they, too, will sputter, miss out, and even fail to retain what they are learning.

If you want to help your kid’s attention span, fuel their brains with right kind of fuel. Here are some easy, kid-friendly options:

Most nutritious breakfasts can be prepared ahead of time. Try to make three days worth of breakfasts to help keep your family on track.

Fueling your children’s brains with the right kind of fuel will only help their learning potential soar. This is one of the most important steps you can implement to ensure their attention span is running on all cylinders!

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