6-year-old pays Father back with lemonade sales

6-year-old Sofia Bourg is selling lemonade with a purpose

“I’m making money for my Daddy,” said Sofia.

This, after spending almost 100 dollars on her Dad’s iPad for a video game.

“I’m shocked that it could happen so easily,” said Sofia’s Dad Jaim Bourg. “With a click of a button, $100 could just go.”

Don’t worry though. When her parents noticed, Sofia tried paying them back with her piggy bank totaling about 4 dollars.

“We tried to explain to her what the value of that money is,” said Jaim. “The little bit of money in there isn’t quite what she spent.”

Now, she’s digging herself out of the hole, to pay her Dad back. Her parents tell us she accumulated around $200 over the weekend. A valuable lesson involving the value of a dollar for Sofia, and parent protection for her father.

“Keep those apps password protected,” said Jaim.