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All parents strive to be great parents, but when your kid reaches his or her teen years, things change. Since your teenager is going through some rapid physical development and emotional changes, it can be confusing and uncomfortable for the parent as well as for the teenager. As your child learns new life lessons during these years, parents too, need to adapt to new parenting techniques. Positive parenting is one of the most effective ways to guide your children through their teen years. While it might get frustrating at times, you need to take a positive approach to resolve the issue. It will promote your teen’s self-esteem, improve communication, teach your kid to be responsible and resolve conflict. Also Read – 6 things that parents of toddlers should know

Set reasonable expectations

Don’t set high expectations. Allow your child to do their best. Your job as a parent is to expect your child to achieve their own goals, not the ones you set for them. No one finds it fun to be forced to do something they don’t want to do. Of course, you might feel tempted to tell your child what to do but don’t. Instead, support your teen’s passion and let him/her explore it on his/her own. Also Read – Parenting guidelines: Here’s how you can support the healthy development of your baby’s brain

Pay close attention but respect their privacy

As a parent, you should understand that your son or daughter is growing up and needs more space. So, try not to invite rebellion by refusing to acknowledge their requests. This doesn’t mean you should not ask your teenager what they are doing or who they are going with. But don’t try to micro-manage their every step. Try to know your kids and their friends to understand what they are up to. Also Read – Air pollution caused over 1.16L infant deaths in India last year: Tips to protect your newborn

Urge your child to explore

Encourage your child to explore one or more activities so that they gain some confidence. Encourage your child to explore a variety of activities and find an area of expertise. Moreover, a person who succeeds in one area of life tends to have successes in many areas of life.

Don’t criticize, empathize

There will be times when you will disapprove your child’s behaviour. You should definitely address the issue but try not to criticize your child. Try to be positive rather than hurtful in your approach. Also, empathize with your teen whenever you get a chance. It will make your child understand that you acknowledge his or her feelings.

Try to find a common interest

You don’t have to be an expert but make an effort to know more about what they like. A teen who enjoys art would appreciate a parent who can discuss the avant-garde movement with their child. You can learn about the kind of music they like, anything that helps you connect with them on a deeper level. Try to find common grounds to be able to spend more time with your teen.


In the fast-paced world, family communication often takes a back seat. It’s important that you promote communication and assure your child that you are available for them. Catch up with your child whenever you have an opportunity, consider eating meals together, and cut down on distractions such as phones, television, etc.

Discipline your child

Disciplining your child is a very important aspect of parenting. Sometimes you need to be strict and friendly at other times. However, there should a balance between being overly strict and overly permissive.

  • What you can do is don’t overreact over their actions that might hurt your child.
  • Set some rules together with your child, so there is transparency.
  • Listen before you react on something your child did. They might actually have a genuine reason.
  • Teach your kid the consequences of things they do. Also, decide a punishment that fits the crime.
  • Don’t forget to praise your child for handling life well or following the rules. It will boost your teen’s confidence and willingness to cooperate with you.

Published : October 30, 2020 7:00 pm

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