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Cyber crime is on the rise with more and more internet users added to the online community every single day! Currently, US companies suffer an annual loss of more than 525 million US dollars due to cyber crime. While cyber crime heavily involves commercial organizations and businesses, it also affects the general population including children. According to “Crimes Against Children Research Center”, 25% of children have been exposed to unwanted pornographic material online.

Additionally, overdose of internet browsing also influences children psychology and behavior especially cyber bullying has become a big problem over the last decade or so. As per a survey published on Statista.com, 11.5 percent of the middle school students admitted to having cyber bullied others at some point of their overall cyber activity.

To minimize the effects of cyber crime and bullying a parental control app can be a very handy tool. With inbuilt features such as precise geographical location of your children to the appropriate filtering of online content, a parental control app serves a very useful purpose – safeguard your children’s cyber behavior.

Internet Filtering and Website Restrictions
Block all negative sites and make the internet safe for your child. This feature can also block internet connection on your child’s phone during school hours or sleeping time. Monitor your child’s internet activity and block adult websites and others that you do not want for your child.

You think your child is going somewhere you do not know? No worries! With Kidgy, you can track your child’s location. You do not need to call them and ask them where they are at the moment, Kidgy’s GPS locator can show you their exact position with real-time place and timestamps.

Mark safe places for your child on a virtual map. And if your child ever leaves these safe zones, expect a notification right away.

Daily Schedule Planner
Train your child to be productive and improve their time-management skills. With Kidgy’s Daily Schedule Planner, you can set scheduled tasks for your kids like home duties or school home works and monitor their progress.

Application Manager
Manage your child’s installed applications and limit those you think is unnecessary. Block social media apps during school hours and make your child focus on their studies by suggesting educational apps instead.

Panic Button
This feature allows your child to inform you in case of emergencies. One click and you will get notified of your child’s exact location right away.

Communication Monitoring
No need take away your child’s phone to check for messages and call logs. With a parental control app, you can remotely access their messaging and call history. Even deleted texts cannot escape so you can be sure they belong to good peer groups. You can even block certain anonymous calls to ensure your child’s safety.

A child’s safety and well being is the topmost priority of every parent. Having a reliable and effective parental control app can go a long way in assisting parents with ensuring their child’s cyber safety.