9 funny stories about our weird lives. | #parenting

2020 has been what I’d describe as a “multi-tasking pressure cooker roller coaster ride that none of us asked for”.

But, in amongst all of the hard bits, the juggling of working, parenting, remote learning, Zoom calls, and all spending more time under the one roof than ever before, there have been some very funny moments in the madness. 

The defining story that sums up parenting in 2020 for me was when I decided to panic-purchase a bearded dragon. 

I felt so guilty that my son was having his birthday in isolation. He had been so sad, and the lizard made him so happy which turned me into an anxious, first-time helicopter dragon parent.

Meet Stormfly Dent. Image: Supplied. 

I became petrified that she was going to die and with it, my son’s happiness. I became fixated over how much she was eating, drinking, the lighting. I kept getting up in the night, tapping on the glass looking for signs of life. I even created her very own Instagram account, @beardedandbedazzled, and dressed her up in costumes.

I am now a dragon stage mum. Image: Supplied. 

I should note I used to be relatively sane at the start of this year.

The low point was when I insisted that Stormfly The Bearded Dragon needed all-new sand in her terrarium (because in my hours of research I discovered that having the wrong type of sand could block them up and kill them).

Begrudgingly, my husband got out the wet and dry vacuum cleaner and began vacuuming all the old (very) red sand. 

Unbeknownst to him, it was simultaneously coming out of the exhaust the whole time and all up the white walls, covering the entire house in a revolting dust cloud of red sand, reptile scales and I don’t want to know what else.

We were all coughing and spluttering for hours and it created so much mess and broke the vacuum cleaner. The Bearded Dragon is still alive and the greatest source of joy six months later.

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