A kid at my school played the choking game

Please comment. Don’t play the game!! Ever!! It’s dumb!! And can kill u!!!!!


7 thoughts on “A kid at my school played the choking game

  1. xXxFagsWithSwagxXx

    you have a point my boyfriend played it and I told him not to and he was
    passed out for like 25 second and it freaking scared me and he started
    shaking and almost died!
    SO FoR the StUpID people Out TheRe Don’t Try it!!!! it’s not a game to be
    freaking joking around and laughing about, it’s serious!!! it’s your

  2. pllfan718

    Yeah, it’s a stupid game. But the method where you push up against
    someone’s chest or choke them out is far more dangerous than the method
    where you squat, stand up, and blow into your thumb.

  3. MelanieSmellymeli99

    My best friends and my boyfriend have been doing this at school. And I told
    them not to but they didn’t listen.It’s was really scary to see the people
    who mean the most to me face plant the ground twitching shaking. My
    boyfriend Did it and looked up at me with bloodshot eyes while crazily
    shaking and I almost cried.. I was so scared.:/ and next month they want to
    do the California knock out.