A Seven-Door Chevy Silverado Limo Dually Should Help With Your Parenting Woes | #parenting

All these parenting woes – and more! – could be addressed and effectively solved with this insane build. It’s a seven-door Chevrolet Silverado limo dually that wants to be the perfect family vehicle, while still being able to do basic trucking stuff. It’s for sale now, having been listed on Facebook Marketplace in Colorado almost two months ago (hat tip to GM Authority). Though it’s dubbed a limo and could definitely be put to such use, this build’s original use seems to have been that of a family vehicle, since it still has a couple of kids’ seats, along with Carhartt seat covers throughout. Who needs a van, when you can pack your entire family, including extended fam members, into a limo, and even attach a trailer at the back, along with packing stuff in the bed?

Based on a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 dually, this limo have been stretched and dropped, and now sports six full doors and one suicide door. The body work and the paintjob has been done by Paint by Krusty in LaSalle, Colorado, according to the listing, and is no older than three or four years. There are three rows in the back: four captain chairs and one bench, and some space to squeeze in a fourth row if you want. As is, there’s enough space in the back to satisfy even the most picky kids and, if not, the overhead displays should quieten them for a while.

There’s a bed-mounted fuel cell in the bed, auto-leveling airbag system to make all rides equally comfortable, an SS front end conversion and a cowl hood, and remote start feature. The seller includes all the specs at the link, and is willing to chat with the potential future owner for more info.

Power comes from a 6.6L V8 LB7 turbo-diesel Duramax engine, which had a short block rebuild at 25,000 miles (40,233 km), mated to a six-speed transmission.

Asking price is $30,000 OBO. Time spent with the fam on vacation with this thing is priceless. As is the time you’d be saving not having them argue over seating and not having enough room.

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