A SLAP ON TITAN 04: Stranger Danger

In the 4th episode of A Slap on Titan, Sarge evaluates the screwups of the 104th, Eren learns a valuable lesson, Hannes stumbles back into town, and the cade…


25 thoughts on “A SLAP ON TITAN 04: Stranger Danger

  1. Max Minton

    Did anyone else notice that Shadis never called Reiner, Ymir, or Christa a
    faggot? Even though they seem to actually be gay? 

  2. Bob

    This is the best abridge of attack on titan. I hope this is keep
    under-popular so only hipster like me enjoy. Also I won’t get remove by
    youtube by it’s shittly law. 

  3. Manticore Pinion

    Yaaaaaaay new ep on my birthday! Best ever! No soul crushing
    disappointment, only laughter!!!

  4. Manticore Pinion

    Watching this this early was a bad idea. Fuck I love this shit but I do not
    need to be dying laughing right now.

  5. Ventus Angel

    You guys are super hilarious! I was on the floor rolling and crying!
    Amazing job, can’t wait for ep. 5 ;D

  6. LeathalAttack

    I get a very Boondocks vibe from this all, maybe it’s because half of the
    characters seem very Riley-ish to me (e.g.- “Pound town”). I enjoy every
    minute of it!

  7. Maverick Smith

    You guys are alpha. Keep poundtowning.
    Edit: I like your characterisation of the cast, adds that depth and makes
    the jokes all that more hilarious when they are said by a fleshed out
    character with personality.

  8. tifun54

    YOU FUZZY FUCKERS!!!! The comedic content of this parody has caused me to
    shit so many bricks that i put the mexicans out of business. (and i am