Accused cyberbully faces judge


SAN DIEGO – A teen accused of causing a suicide through cyberbullying faced a judge in juvenile court for the first time on Wednesday.

The teen allegedly took video of another student in the bathroom at University City High School and posted it to social media sites.

The family of the student told Team 10 that 14-year-old Matthew Burdette committed suicide because he was bullied so badly over the video, which went viral on Snapchat, Vine and other sites.

The student who took the video claimed he caught Matthew masturbating.

Burdette’s family said Matthew left a letter, and his aunt and father took it to school officials, but the family went to Team 10 Troubleshooter Cristin Severance after they said the San Diego Unified School District did nothing to help. Other students told the family about the video.

The boy who took the video was arrested and charged with invasion of privacy.

Wednesday’s court hearing was continued because the suspect’s attorney needed more time to gather information and get in contact with teachers.

Allison Worden of Gomez Trial Attorneys represents the Burdettes.

“They wanted to get some answers and closure for themselves and for Matthew,” Worden said of the continuation.

“Unfortunately the system didn’t provide that for the Burdettes, so they’ll have to wait.”