Action urged against child abuse

Describing it as a global phenomenon, they called for raising public awareness and other means to protect children from abuse.
The experts made their observation at the concluding session of the Naif Arab University forSECURITY Sciences (NAUSS) Forum on “Criminal Procedures in Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Issues,” hosted recently by the university in the capital.
In his speech, NAUSS Rector Juman Rakhous said the focus should be on the need for stringent action against those guilty of child abuse in any form.
He highlighted the importance of family bonds and the need for creating a congenial environment atHOME to check the phenomenon.
“The forum reflects the university’s keenness to adopt these lofty concepts which call for the need to linkSECURITY and social sides to reduce juvenile delinquency, and to combat this phenomenon,” the rector observed.
The event, held in cooperation with the National Family Safety (NFS), was organized by Riyadh-based NAUSS.
On his part, NFS Deputy Executive Director Majed Essa said that NFS is keen to build specialized capabilities and acquire experience and skills to deal with violence and child abuse issues. He called for rehabilitation of the victims of child abuse with the help of specialists on child protection as well as punishing aggressors.
He said NFSACTIVITIES witnessed a remarkable development this year with the participation of Arab countries. There was a detailed presentation of the role of Saudi Arabia in forensic cases of domestic violence.
“We are seeking consistent effort for the rehabilitation of workers in this field where 36 training sessions were held with the participation of more than 2,500 community awareness campaigns,” Essa observed.