Additional sex charges raise new concerns of possible trafficking ring

Police forwarded new information to prosecutors that they believe could result with a human trafficking charge being filed against a former Muskogee firefighter who already faces several sex crimes.

Muskogee Police Officer Lincoln Anderson said during a news conference Tuesday the investigative findings have prompted concerns about a possible child pornographic, trafficking ring. Anderson said investigators have identified a second child who is believed to be a victim an another adult co-conspirator.

Zackery Blaine Perry, 30, was charged Jan. 19 with four felonies that included possessing and distributing child pornography, sexual exploitation of a child and crimes against nature. He was charged Monday along with Melissa Skelton, 26, for conspiracy and sexual abuse of a child younger 12 years old — both are being held without bond.

Anderson said the allegations of human trafficking are based upon the existence evidence of evidence that shows there may have been an exchange of money for what child pornography for money.” He said investigators also turned up evidence of a child who appears to have been transported from one place to another for sexual purposes in exchange for money.

As a result of those findings, Anderson said police are concerned there could be additional victims. He urged parents who may believe their child was in contact with Perry to call the police and talk to investigators to see if anything is relevant and provide a photo of their child.

“The more people we talk to and find more evidence we can link to a crime then that’s more people we can help and more evidence we have to get a predator off the street,” Anderson said. The probability of additional victims, Anderson said, is extremely high due to Perry’s use of the Internet and social media.

Anderson said that investigators are working “extremely diligently” to ensure they don’t miss anything. Based upon the available evidence, Anderson said there is a possibility that child pornography trafficking ring may be operating in the area, raising the prospect of numerous suspects and victims.

The case came to light on Jan. 5 when a mother reported to law enforcement officials that Perry sent her photographs of underage girls engaged in sexual acts and asked her to send similar photos of her child. There were also four videos of juvenile females also appearing to be under the age of 18 performing sexual acts, some with older adult males.

Investigators reportedly found 1,378 images and videos relating to or depicting what they have described as child pornography on Perry’s personal cell phone after it was seized and searched. Investigators allege other images found on Perry’s phone depict a woman engaging in sexual acts with a dog.

Perry is being held without bond in the Muskogee County/City Detention Facility after his $25,000 bond was revoked by Special District Judge Robin Adair. Skelton, also known as Melissa Humphrey, also is being held without bond.

Anderson said anybody with concerns or information regarding this ongoing investigation should call police at (918) 680-3183 or call (918) 682-COPS.