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Adelaide man linked to child pornography ring, David Cecchin, asks to withdraw guilty plea

An Adelaide man who admitted to his involvement in an international child pornography ring run by a former Families SA worker has asked the District Court to set aside one of his guilty pleas.

The court previously heard 27-year-old David Glen Cecchin used the name “Kinder Surprise” on a global child pornography website run by former Families SA worker Shannon McCoole.

McCoole was sentenced in August to 35 years’ jail for sexually abusing children as young as 18 months old.

Cecchin pleaded guilty to possessing and disseminating child pornography, and to producing child pornography, but applied to withdraw his guilty plea to the latter charge.

He argued he was not the author of a 329-page chat log seized from the website.

Judge Rosemary Davey asked why it took so long for Cecchin to realise the content of the chat log was not his, given it had been raised in court previously.

She adjourned the case until tomorrow afternoon.


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