Adults Can Relate to Little Boy’s Furious Expressions at Getting a Haircut in Viral Video | #parenting

Being a parent can be challenging but it also has its funny moments. Kids are moody and have tantrums but even their tantrums can sometimes be amusing.

Every parent knows it’s a task to take a child for a haircut. If there’s one thing all toddlers and young kids hate almost universally, it’s the hairstylists’ chair (only envied by the dentist’s chair, perhaps.).

A video has been going viral on Twitter featuring a kid getting a haircut. The video was shared by Anup, a father of young boy. The boy sits in a chair with eyes full of tears as he gets his hair trimmed.

The video begins by the boy yelling “arey yaar,” then he goes on to inquire if the hairstylist was cutting off too much hair.

He is very evidently not happy with being forced to sit in this chair have this horrible treatment.

He then shouts “math karo,” (don’t do this). Even though he is sobbing and heaving, he still sits obediently and lets the man cut his hair very diligently.

When asked by his father, he promptly replies his name is Anushrut. He also tells his father’s name is Anup.

The man then goes on to ask the names of other family members which the boy recites all the while sobbing softly. He still complains every now and then about his hair being cut away.

At some point of time, he threatens the person cutting his hair and says he is a big boy.

“Main cutting karne nahi dunga,” (I will not let you cut the hair) he says. He yells “Arey Yaar,” every time the pair of scissors reach near his face. But unfortunately, cutting hair is a necessity and must be done.

The video has been viewed over 9,65,000 times with hundreds of comments.

The video has been captioned, “My baby Anushrut, Every parents struggle”.

People were quick to notice how cute the boy is.

However, some people noted that this wasn’t cute. That a child threatening an adult may be adorable but the same behaviour may cause problems later if not dissuaded early on.

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