After voting to impeach president, Rep. Salud Carbajal says security being beefed up for inauguration | Crime and Courts | #College. | #Students

The riot disrupted the count of Electoral College votes and forced members of Congress to hide and evacuate as they vandalized and looted the building for several hours.

Since then, security has been visibly beefed up at the Capitol, and even heavier security is planned for Biden’s inauguration Jan. 20, when armed insurrection has been threatened there and around the nation, according to the FBI.

“It started yesterday,” Carbajal said of an obvious increase in security measures. “Right now, if you wander around the Capitol, it’s completely surrounded by a high, unscalable fence. There are National Guard troops with M-16s and law enforcement.”

He said that on Inauguration Day, 20,000 National Guard troops will be deployed in the Capitol area in addition to members of the Secret Service, the FBI and Capitol and Washington, D.C., police.

“They’re not only implementing the same type of security for every inauguration but, in light of the insurrection this president caused, they’re implementing a whole host of other procedures to assure the inauguration is safe [and] the people are safe,” Carbajal said.

Security is also being increased at the state level nationwide.

“There’s been a lot of chatter about armed revolt, not only at the nation’s Capitol but at state capitols and courthouses,” Carbajal said.

CNN reported that an internal FBI bulletin warned of “armed protests” being planned at all 50 state capitols as well as the U.S. Capitol, starting Jan. 16 and continuing up through Jan. 20.

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