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Airborne bounce house reminds residents to use safety tips

bouce+house+2SIOUX FALLS – Video of a bounce house on a Florida beach carried into the air by a water spout yesterday has gone viral.
A business owner who rents these for parties explains that many are built with safety features like nets to keeps from falling out, but there are simple safety precautions people can take to keep bounce houses as safe as possible.

Maddie Carolan might be considered one of the luckiest girls in the world.
Her dad owns a bounce house rental company.

“Me and my friends have a lot of fun on them. Dad will bring them home and we’ll have fun on them all the time,” Maddie Carolan explained.

Her father owns Carolan Rentals.
He has been in the business for two decades and takes safety seriously.

“I’ve never had injuries, any claims,” Jamie Carolan admitted.

That’s why he says watching this viral video from Florida was so disturbing.
A bounce house was swept into the air by a water spout, with children still inside.

“Well my first though was it was obviously not secured correctly. If an inflatable is secured correctly they’re safe and that won’t happen,” he explained.

He also says the jumper never should have been placed on the beach.

“When you are trying to stake into sand and the wind comes up, bad things are going to happen,” the business owner pointed out.

So he has some simple safety tips.
First, make sure the inflatable is hammered into the ground using at least an 18 inch stake.
He says grass is the best place to nail them down.
Also check the weather before setting something like this up.

“Over 20 to 25 mile per hour winds, you have to shut it down, even if it’s secured properly,” he said, “Once anything catches wind, you know, it goes.”>

The business man hopes these simple safety tips keep people safe, while the dad knows these precautions will help his daughter have fun all summer long.

“You can have a lot of fun on them. You can play on them all day,” Maddie gushed.

The bounce house in Florida isn’t the first time an inflatable has gone airborne.
Last year, a similar accident happened in New Jersey as wind swept one up with three children inside, seriously injuring two of them.

Source: KSFY

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